kiteKRAFT – affordable wind power plants based on tethered electric aircrafts

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Munich-based Startup kiteKRAFT tackles the challenge of inefficient energy harvesting of wind and will focus on business model as well as customer development in the next 6 months.

Innovative green energy generation

kiteKRAFT developed a power-generating kite or rather tethered electric aircraft, which flies autonomously in circles such as the blade tips of a conventional wind turbine. These rotations of the kite generate energy, replacing expensive wind towers. The kite takes off and lands like a helicopter by using small onboard wind turbines as propellers, which control and brake the kite. Such a kite power plant holds the potential to generate clean and cost efficient energy and a more economical alternative to fossil fuels.

kiteKRAFT’s success story

KiteKraft started as a research project of the founder Florian Bauer, an electrical engineer and PhD candidate, at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He has more than 4 years of experience in kite power research and is the inventor of the patent-pending kite powertrain. He is supported by Andreas Graf, M.Sc. in electronics and micro controller software who is responsible for the kite power plant electronics, hardware and software. Dr.-Ing. Markus Schütz, a mechanical engineer and co-founder of etersys GmbH, leads the business development. The team strives to launch the startup in the next months and plans to sell its kite power plants with additional services like repairs, upgrading and trainings from 2019 onwards. Together with Munich Re and ERGO, the founders strive to create suitable insurance packages for their customers that cover vandalism, damages resulting from malfunction and bad weather, or economic loss due to a lower energy yield.

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