GRZ Technologies

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GRZ Technologies Ltd. is a renewable energy storage company founded in 2017.

Using hydrogen for long-term energy storage

The performance fluctuations of renewable energy sources pose a challenge for energy storage. Batteries are performing well for short-term storage, but an alternative is needed for the long-term (seasonal) storage of energy. Hydrogen is seen as the solution to the problem. However, the key challenge is to store hydrogen in a dense, effective and safe manner.

The hydrogen storage technology of GRZ Technologies is the first commercially implemented solution to this problem, outperforming existing systems at an early stage of industrialisation. The core of the new technology is a hydrogen sorption material that enables dense, safe and effective energy storage. It outperforms other technologies in terms of density and all key performance indicators. The specific design of the system enables an efficient, safe and compact solution as well as the decentralised storage of large quantities of renewable energy. This innovative solution is marketed under the DASH (Dense And Safe Hydrogen Storage) trademark. A pilot plant is already running and the first orders for two commercial systems have been placed.

The GRZ team

The founding team consists of Dr. Noris Gallandat, Claudio Ruch and Professor Andreas Züttel. The founders have known each other for about ten years and combine complementary knowledge in research & development to engineering sciences, start-up development and business strategy. All have extensive international experience, especially in Asia (China, Japan) and the United States as well as linguistic skills: the team is able to communicate in six languages (German, French, English, Chinese, Italian and Spanish). The GRZ team also has six different employees and partners who help with technology and business development.

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