Cambridge Carbon Capture - CO2 capture and sequestration for profit

Cambridge Carbon Capture founder and CEO Michael Evans

Cambridge Carbon Capture (CCC) is developing a breakthrough, profitable technology solution to industrial CO2 capture and storage. CCC’s processes produce several valuable by-products, which have the potential of more than offsetting the cost of carbon capture.

Cambridge Carbon Capture founder and CEO Michael Evans

Cambridge Carbon Capture’s innovative and IP-protected CO2LOC technology captures greenhouse gases, such as CO2, NOx and SOx, and converts these into solid substances for use in construction materials. It also creates silica and metals such as Nickel and Cobalt, as valuable by-products of the process. The team expects revenues from the sale of by-products to be greater than process costs, hence making carbon capture and permanent sequestration profitable.

Cambridge Carbon Capture’s team combines deep scientific knowledge from two former University of Cambridge material research scientists working alongside a CEO with a trackrecord of successful cleantech start-ups.

The CCC team has developed the CO2LOC technology to pilot stage and is looking for investment to develop and test a pilot and build up their commercial and scientific team. During the ClimAccelerator programme and with support of Munich Re and ERGO, the team aims to gain a better understanding of the risks facing their customers in adoption of CO2LOC technology at scale.

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