#Internetkannich: ERGO Foundation launches funding competition for more networking skills in children and adolescents

Non-profit organisations based in Germany can apply until 30 September 2019

Press release, 10.07.2019

#Internetkannich: The ERGO Foundation "Youth & Future" is now looking for innovative initiatives and projects that sensitize children and young people on the conscious use of digital media. Non-profit organisations based in Germany can apply until 30 September 2019. The winners will receive a total of 40,000 euros.

More than half of all 10- to 18-year-old cell phone users can no longer imagine life without a smartphone. With 97 percent, almost every teenager is online from the age of 12. Just as fast as the internet access works, children and adolescents can also have negative experiences on the internet. The ERGO Foundation's latest award for network competence aims to raise awareness for these risks.

From now until 30th September, the foundation is looking for non-profit initiatives and projects throughout Germany that provide children and young people with a reflected approach to using digital media. This includes general awareness as well as education on specific topics such as privacy or cyberbullying.

"Particularly at an age when one's own personality is just beginning to develop, the social networks can exert great pressure - that is something that the staff of ERGO Foundation experience in their day-to-day work in local child and youth institutions. We want to support children and adolescents to better assess the pitfalls in the network”, Harald Christ, CEO of the ERGO Foundation, comments on the initiative.

The Foundation intends to pay particular attention to the use of innovative digital tools during the selection of winners. "In addition, we are inviting applications that focus on privacy protection or projects where adolescents work with their peers”, explains Mark Klein, Chairman of the Board of ERGO Digital Ventures and juror of the sponsorship competition. "This is also the idea of our accompanying social media campaign: a young ERGO colleague educates about typical errors of young people on the internet".

The competition is being held nationwide in four regions; one project will be awarded in each region. The winners will each receive prize money of 7,000 euros, coaching in the context of a workshop in Berlin that is worth 3,000 euros and IT services.

Applications can be submitted until 30 September 2019. For more information about the competition, see www.ergo-stiftung.com/foerderwettbewerb

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Katharina Denkler

Media Relations

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