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Press Release, 05.10.2017

DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung is cooperating with the non-profit organisation "Was hab‘ ich? ("What have I got?") which provides easy-to-understand translations of medical reports. Persons insured by DKV now have direct on-line access to this translation service.

Medical reports are usually difficult to understand for persons without medical training. Who knows right away that a slipped disc is hiding behind a "prolapsus nuclei pulposi“ and that "presbycusis" means age-related hearing loss? Help can be obtained from the translation service of "Was hab‘ ich?" with which DKV has been cooperating for some weeks now.

"We are pleased that we are able to offer this service to our clients" explained Silke Lautenschläger, a member of DKV's Management Board. "People who understand their medical condition actively cooperate during treatment. This is the best starting point for a rapid recovery." The translation of the report can be obtained directly from the online client portal. Clients should receive the translation within a maximum of two working days. Most of the translators are doctors or medical students with at least eight completed subject-related semesters. All persons with a DKV comprehensive health insurance and a large proportion of the holders of a DKV supplementary insurance (depending on the tariff) qualify for this free online service.

DKV's partner in this cooperation is the non-profit organisation "Was hab' ich". Every member of the medical profession involved in this service first receives intensive training in patient-friendly communication.

"Was hab' ich" welcomes its new partner, DKV" stated Ansgar Jonietz, the organisation's General Manager and joint founder. "The income from the cooperation will be used to train further medical students and doctors as translators - a good step forward in improving communication between doctor and patient.”

For persons insured by DKV the translation service offered by "Was hab' ich" is just one way of obtaining medical assistance. DKV clients can also benefit from a whole range of additional services, for example health programmes, a second opinion service, case management or the health hotline.

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