Cornelia Roeskau

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“On the Board of Management of the Group’s international health insurance provider, Globality Health, I am responsible for sales, operations and legal affairs.

The unique challenge at Globality Health is that we offer our products in several European markets. That means that we negotiate with our partners, customers and among ourselves not just in German and English, but also in Spanish or French. It sure adds a lot of variety.”

Cornelia Röskau

Questions for Cornelia Röskau

How did you start your career?

“My career has been internationally oriented from day one. After leaving school with my “Abitur”, I spent some time in Argentina. I was able to combine my basic and doctoral studies at the RWTH Aachen with internships and study visits in Spain and Italy. Later I went to Paris, where I first worked at the Sorbonne and then at a consulting company. Following a part-time distance learning course in Business Management, I switched to a major brokerage company, where I advised multinationals on international employee benefits. I later founded and managed a branch in Germany for this company, before switching to Globality Health in Luxembourg. At Globality Health, I first focused on sales in Germany, then sales international, before taking on responsibility for sales, operations and legal affairs as a Managing Director.”

How do you manage to balance a demanding job and your private life?

“When I get home, I cook supper for my family. Nice and classic. Except for the days when I’m on a business trip, we all eat together at a nicely set table. Sometimes we talk about my work, but more about any number of things, like from the children’s day-to-day lives. Then I’m immediately in another world.”

Who or what inspired you to pursue a leadership role, and why?

“It just happened naturally. I started out in very simple positions and worked hard to simply do my job well. You could say I was the Hermione Granger of insurance ... From the very beginning, I took on responsibility in every position and made decisions within the set framework. As a result, I was constantly offered more involved tasks, a challenge that I took very seriously and worked hard at. And at some point, these tasks also included being a leader.”

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