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“I am the Head of Strategic Change at DAS UK. There are two parts to my role: Change and Strategy.

In terms of Change – I manage the existing change stack and the resource to deliver it. I work with the business on future change and prioritisation.

This links to the second part – Strategy. I facilitate conversations on strategy and work with the senior team to look to the future.”

Annie Bernays

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Annie Bernays’ job at DAS UK is to implement change and shape the future together with leadership teams. According to her, this is best done with leaders who have been promoted solely on the basis of their talents and competencies.

Annie Bernays

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Questions for Annie Bernays

How did you start your career?

“After studying International Business, my first career was running a diversified farm. My passion was wine and cheese, so I moved from that to managing an organic supermarket. I realised if I wanted to progress I needed a qualification so I left to train to be an accountant. I trained at Barbican Arts Centre, followed by RBS Insurance. I then moved to be a finance business partner at a large international Law Firm, working my way up. I took a job at DAS UK as it combined law and insurance. A move into strategy and delivering change means I can directly impact the profitability and sustainability of a business.”

Who is your personal role model?

“My two sisters. They are both mums and work full time in challenging jobs (one is a doctor and the other is a professor). They go to work each day and deal with intellectual and emotional challenges, then come home to their happy, healthy children. They are respected and valued and they respect themselves. What more can you ask for?”

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