ERGO company physician Carmen Jux is on permanent duty because of COVID-19

Important contact person for ERGO employees

People & stories, 22.04.2020

The coronavirus has also changed the working day of ERGO company doctors. They are currently online (almost) 24 hours a day. Also Carmen Jux.

ERGO company doctor Carmen Jux

Carmen Jux, like the other ERGO company doctors in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Nuremberg and Munich, is currently working mobile. In addition to her usual responsibilities, she is also a member of the group-wide task force, which evaluates the situation and decides on appropriate measures on a daily basis.

ERGO company doctors can be reached via a variety of channels

The company doctors and assistants are present on a daily basis in the well-known practices at the site. A stronger on-site presence is not required now, as many employees are currently working mobile from home.

The company physicians and colleagues in the practices will continue to be available to employees, management and committee representatives in matters of health and safety at work, including coronavirus. By telephone and via a specially set up mailbox. If necessary, contact can be established by telephone. A fast, direct service that many employees take advantage of.

"We are prepared for everything"

The range of inquiries via e-mail is very diverse and covers everything from correct disinfection, questions about quarantine orders, to concerns that a neighbor or colleague is suspected of being infected with the coronavirus. Carmen Jux: "We are prepared for everything, there are concrete guidelines for action available for both employees and their supervisors. ERGO is very well positioned here." The company doctor emphasizes that it is important for colleagues to contact their supervisors or company doctors at an early stage.

The company doctor's appeal is clear: "I would like to emphasize once again: If employees need help – be it because they have pre-existing conditions or other problems – we are always available. And it goes without saying that medical confidentiality is obligatory for both us and our colleagues".

Social distance and fresh air are important

And how do the company doctors personally feel about the Covid-19? Carmen Jux: "I believe that we doctors are not that anxious, otherwise we would be in the wrong profession. Nevertheless, complying with the current protective and hygienic measures is a matter of obvious course for my team and me". And yet: a pandemic like the current one is uncharted territory for doctors. Jux: "This certainly raises questions such as: How much longer will it take? Will we be able to treat all cases in the hospitals?"

For her husband and their two children, the same rules of behavior apply as in the rest of society: "We try to keep social distance, but we also often go out into the fresh air. That is good for the circulation and the immune system. I would advise everyone to do the same.”

By Willy Lünstroth

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