Our environmental management

A system for sustainability

We at ERGO want to keep on enhancing our contribution to protecting our planet. Our certified environmental management system keeps us consistently driving our action for the environment right across our operations.

The Victoria insurance company, now known as ERGO, has been operating an externally verified environmental management system, and reporting on it in annual environmental statements, since 1998. Victoria was one of the first insurers in Europe to receive accreditation in accordance with the EMAS Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. Consequently, respect for the environment is one of the key principles of our Code of Conduct.


How our system is structured and how it works

ERGO’s environmental management system is a standardised system based on the ISO 14001 standard, which is recognised across the globe. The system’s role is to enable us to systematically and consistently record, review and minimise the environmental impact of our operations, our consumption of energy and resources, and the waste we produce, as well as monitoring business travel and the emissions it generates across all our locations. The data generated by the system allows us to manage our energy consumption in such a way as to minimise our impact on the environment. An independent environmental expert conducts regular reviews of the systems' compliance with the standard at each location. Certification is renewed if all requirements are met, enabling us to push ahead with our ongoing process of better protecting people and planet.

Based on our own Environmental Guidelines

ERGO has had its own Environmental Guidelines since 2010; they represent our commitment to respecting the environment, protecting the climate and proactively promoting awareness of environmental issues among our employees. It goes without saying that we enforce compliance with environmental protection regulations. Our Environmental Guidelines form the basis of our aim to obtain certification under ISO 14001 for each and every entity in our Group.

Certification successfully achieved at locations in Germany and abroad

The ERGO Group currently has six large locations in Germany certified in conformity with the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Measured by the number of employees, certification in conformity with ISO 14001 covers 63.8 percent of the employees in Germany.

In 2014, we defined the goal of continuing to expand regular communication between environmental managers along with environmental reporting at international level. In addition to the locations already certified in conformity with ISO 14001, the structures and processes to achieve and measure environmental targets are currently being es-tablished internationally, i.e. in the following companies: ERGO and D.A.S. Austria, ERGO Belgium, ERGO Hestia Poland, ERGO Russia and ERGO Turkey.

Made-to-measure action plans at every office

At every location where an environmental management system is in force, we draw up comprehensive environmental action plans in the form of catalogues of objectives and the action to be taken in order to meet them. These action plans centre on key environmental issues in relation to products, services and the environmental impact of our operations, including direct and indirect emissions.