Reforesting in the Düsseldorf city

In the management of damages amounting to millions caused by storm “Ela” on 9 June 2014, the district depends on its citizens’ initiative. This is the firm conviction of the founders of the Alliance “Blickwinkel Ela” (Perspective Ela). It comprises – apart from ERGO – the “Düsseldorfer Jonges” as an association dedicated to the maintenance of local heritage as well as the insurance company ARAG and the Henkel Foundation.

The Alliance has set itself the target of restoring the following areas:

  • Maximilian-Weyhe-Allee (southern end)
  • Linden circle in the Hofgarten
  • Goltstein ground floor in the direction of Schauspielhaus
  • Mörsenbroicher Ei crossing at the ARAG Tower
  • Golzheim Cemetery next to ERGO Düsseldorf
  • Elbroich Park next to Henkel

The Alliance „Blickwinkel Ela“ (Perspective Ela) has put up 125,000 euros. We hope that we will be able to inspire other companies and citizens to join in. We also called for donations among our employees as the costs for reforesting are estimated to reach almost 80 million euros.

At Maximilian-Weyhe-Allee alone, 21 linden trees were destroyed. To restore the street as quickly as possible to its appearance before the storm, linden trees of the same height shall be planted.