Ressourcen schonen – Papier, Wasser, Abfall

Ressourcenschutz fängt bei ERGO im Kleinen an – mit großer Wirkung. Beim Verbrauch von Papier und Wasser sowie bei der Vermeidung von Abfall ist jede und jeder Einzelne gefragt – und leistet einen Beitrag zum aktiven Umweltschutz.

Papier, Wasser, Abfall

Our headquarter has a dedicated Waste Management Officer

The fact that we have established the function of a dedicated Waste Management Officer at our Düsseldorf headquarter bears witness to the high priority we at ERGO give to avoiding unnecessary waste. The Waste Management Officer’s remit includes ensuring waste is disposed of appropriately, supervising the companies we contract to perform these services, acting as a knowledgeable point of contact on key legal and liability issues surrounding waste, and monitoring compliance with existing standards and regulations. In addition to this, the Waste Management Officer ensures companies working on our site separate waste correctly and adhere to their other legal responsibilities. These issues are central when it comes to building conversion work or matters connected to our technical systems and related disposal issues.

A helping hand in ERGO intranet

ERGO’s employees can visit the “Environment” section in the Company intranet to find a clutch of useful tips for eco-consciousness in their day-to-day work, including matters of waste disposal, saving paper and water. For instance, employees are urged to avail themselves of pre-used filing folders wherever possible, especially when archiving docu-ments, and to order refillable office supplies rather than disposable products.
There’s paper-saving advice and recommendations to print and photocopy on both sides of the paper. Our water-saving tips include making use of dual-flush functions when flushing toilets, after which employees can save energy and help protect the environment by using cold water to wash their hands and keep water consumption down by turning off the tap while lathering up. And every little helps: If all employees were to follow these rec-ommendations all the time, they could slash their water consumption by approximately half.

You can find detailed information in our key environmental indicators