foldAI - Artificial Sensing and Intelligence for Ecosystem Management

The startup foldAI has developed sensors to screen health status of forests providing forest managers with a rich understanding of their forest ecosystems, and a decision toolbox to deploy immediate mitigating actions.

The team’s solution, Aja, used in the sensor is  a framework for ecosystem management based on deep technology. By harnessing state-of-art Machine Learning on precise, real-time sensor data, Aja can not only detect forest threats as they happen, but even predict their arising and forecast their unfolding.

Aja improves forest health, resilience and bioeconomical performance by introducing lean processes to a broad ecosystem management community. It helps reducing greenhouse emissions by scaling high resolution forest management through a fully automated and affordable solution for more than 30 Million forest owners in Europe, Russia and North America.

Aja builds on embedded Machine Learning, and biochemical and environmental signal processing on high-dimensional data. Both founders, Friedrich Förstner and Giovanni Carmantini, have an academic background and already joined their skills to promote other projects over the past three years.

Together with experts from ERGO and Munich Re, the team would like to discuss, among other topics, damage prevention to their monitoring system.

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