ERGO colleagues in Russia are prepared for the championship

Sports & sponsorship, 13.06.2018

This year, as everybody knows, Russia hosts a unique event of a global scale – the football world championship. As ERGO Russia, we all decided to support the world trend by organizing a „Happy Friday“ with the theme of the championship.

On June 9th we celebrated our own internal world championship opener in football style. On this day, we showed the full power of ERGO support for our Russian national football team and all the other countries participating.

We thought about our special dress code for this day, mainly football elements: T-shirts with the symbols of the chamionship and the national teams, balls, flags, scarves, face paint and other fan paraphernalia.

We organized a competition in all offices of ERGO Russia for the brightest and most interesting football photo zone – a special place in the office, in which our colleagues took pictures with the ERGO logo and different football stuff.

We showed our creativeness, our contribution to the team and our full commitment! The winner of the challenge for the best photos and photo zone will receive a special prize, namely the ERGO fan box and a special football prize for the whole office team.

We had a lot of fun together and took a lot of photos with our colleagues to support our team and other participants. Later on, we published those pictures with hashtag #ergofansunited and #ergofriday on different social networks like Instagram, sharing our passion and love for the sport with our colleagues! You want to know how it was? The pictures speak for themselves!

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