Our environment: at the heart of all we do

For many years now, ERGO and its Group companies have considered protecting the environment an integral element of their corporate social responsibility. Step by step, we are working to make our operations carbon-neutral by the year 2015. Our overarching objective is to preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Sustainably protecting the environment and the foundations of society represents an investment in all our futures. ERGO is taking action at all levels to realise this investment: We have a transparent environmental management system and certifications to match, we take proactive steps to protect resources, and our products consistently take account of environmental issues.


Doris Hildebrand and Mechthild Keinhörster-Schwartze are both passionate about preserving the natural resources we all depend on. They are also both economics grad-uates – and both Environmental Officers at ERGO’s Düsseldorf headquarter. Our dynamic eco-duo let us into a few secrets on environmental management day to day at ERGO.

Our environmental management

We at ERGO want to keep on enhancing our contribution to protecting our planet. Our certified environmental management system keeps us consistently driving our action for the environment right across our operations.

Our goal: step by step carbon-neutral operations

ERGO is implementing a five-step plan to achieve carbon neutrality of all its operations by the year 2015. ERGO has already taken a wide range of action which has proved instrumental in putting us on course for this goal.

Harnessing potential, protecting resources

ERGO’s environmental strategy foregrounds minimising energy consumption and protecting natural resources. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our energy management.

Tackling climate change together
Tackling climate change together

Together with Munich Re, we support initiatives to promote adaptation to climate change and foster innovative solutions. Find out about our sustainability projects.