Our community involvement as donors

We want to strengthen the community we live and work in by helping people to develop the full potential of their talents. We also provide help to people in crisis situations.

Expenditure for donations, sponsoring and memberships

2015 2014
Science / Education 1,176,116 727,619
Charity projects 493,182 423,875
Health / Sport 202,204 306,709
Natural disasters 19,937 53,929
Culture 285,470 151,212
Total 2,176,909 1,663,344

In 2015, donations of, in total, 75,000 EUR were made to political parties, equally divided among the CDU, the SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, and the FDP. A further 18,000 EUR was paid by ERGO in membership fees to party-affiliated organisations.