ERGO Sustainability Report

ERGO Sustainability Reporting

We provide our stakeholder groups with comprehensive information about our advances and measures relating to sustainability. Our reporting is based on the international guidelines defined by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Version G4 and the Financial Services Sector Supplement. GRI is an initiative directed towards developing a standard for sustainability reporting.

Since 2014, we have been reporting on our corporate responsibilities in accordance with GRI standards. You will find a statement or explanation, key figures and related links for every core indicator and for selected supplementary indicators. We fulfil the requirements of the GRI Application Level B as GRI has confirmed.

All the statements relate to the entire ERGO Group and its companies. We make it clear if only parts of the Group are being described, and specify the coverage rate for key figures where relevant. The reporting period is in each case the previous year. Important events up to end of May of the subsequent year have been included in the reporting to reflect current developments.

Our sustainability programme provides an overview of targets and measures. You can find other information on sustainability at ERGO on these web pages under the category of “Responsibility”.

GRI Balance 2015

Strategy and analysis

Organisational profile

Identified material aspects and boundaries

Stakeholder engagement

Report profile


Ethics and integrity

Economic performance

Environmental performance

Social performance

Financial sector


ERGO Sustainability Report 2014

ERGO Sustainability Report 2013 (PDF file)

ERGO Sustainability Report 2012 (PDF file)