Our customers: at the heart of all we do

Our customers: at the heart of all we do

Our customers’ needs and requirements govern all we do as a business. We honour our brand promise with clear communication, easy-to-understand products, a wide range of opportunities for customers to give us their feedback, and top-quality customer advice.

Our claim is “To insure is to understand”, and we are taking action in a number of areas to ensure we do it justice. These include our initiative for clear language in and on our products, our ERGO Customer Workshop and our ERGO Customer Advocate. We were the first company in Germany to implement a comprehensive review of the comprehensibility of our communication by the German regional Inspection Agency TÜV Saarland in conformity with the ISO 9001-2008 standard. In 2015, we were audited for the second time and awarded the grade “good” (1.90). However, we strive to continuously further improve the understandability of our documents and processes.

Making ourselves plain

Our customers want information they can understand when choosing products to make provisions for the future or protect themselves from risks. This is why it is vital that we at ERGO communicate in a clear and transparent manner. We use clear language to ensure our customers know exactly what we are offering them, and give them descriptive and comprehensible information rather than losing ourselves in complex specialist terms. We adhere to clear-language criteria certified by external experts. We continue to work towards formulating what customers can and cannot claim for clearly and understandably in our insurance agreements and reducing clauses to their essentials. And customers who have trouble understanding something despite all this can ring a hotline for help free of charge.

Feedback counts: Our Customer Advisory Board and Customer Workshop

We engage our customers in dialogue, and they reward us with their feedback and new ideas. Customers who join the ERGO Customer Advisory Board or the ERGO Customer Workshop have the opportunity to support and shape ERGO with their constructive criticism and their suggestions. Customers can also submit their feedback online at any time – we’re always open to suggestions and keen to improve our service.

Interview Customer Advisory Board

The ERGO Customer Advocate: on customers’ side

Should a customer of ERGO in Germany feel unfairly treated, he or she now has the opportunity, among other methods of redress, to get in touch with the ERGO Customer Advocate, who acts as customers’ voice within our Company. Any customer who feels their complaint to us has not been handled fairly or are not in agreement with a decision we have made is free to turn to the Customer Advocate; he and his team will mediate and attempt to bring about a fair and just resolution.