As a company acutely aware of its social responsibility, we want to make tangible contributions to resolving problems in society. We do this by helping people on the ground in a number of countries, working with a wide range of issues.

In all we do to help others, we are committed to upholding the tenets of sustainability as the core of our long-term business model, which at its essence is about giving a promise for the future. We concentrate our support on people who are prepared to take on responsibility for themselves and others.

Targeted Support
The same goes for our work in this context as for everything we do in connection with corporate responsibility: We want to make a real difference. Whether ERGO Group companies provide financial help or our employees roll up their sleeves, the aim is the same: we want to change people’s lives for the better wherever we are active. We act pragmatically, focus on results, and give preference to projects designed to keep going for the long haul – in other words, projects that promote sustainability.

Commitment of our employees

Our employees and sales agents are committed to helping others and raising funds for good causes.

Opening up new perspectives: ERGO Foundation

Our Company foundation „Jugend & Zukunft” (Youth & Future) in Germany encourages young people to take their future into their own hands.

Our commitment in the neighbourhood

We are good neighbours and contribute actively to the local community.

Our worldwide commitment

We take an active part in the societies in which we operate and strive to change conditions for the better.