Companies and Brands in Germany

ERGO provides a comprehensive range of insurance, provision and services. The insurance group operates with several brands in its home market Germany.

ERGO Lebensversicherung

  • One of the leading German life insurers
  • Emerged from Hamburg-Mannheimer Life
  • Business experience of over a century
ERGO Lebensversicherung

ERGO Lebensversicherung AG
Überseering 45
22297 Hamburg
Location plan (German) (German)

ERGO Versicherung

  • Attractive products for private, commercial and industrial needs
  • Emerged from Victoria Non-Life
  • National and international business experience of far more than a century
ERGO Versicherung
  • Provider of D.A.S. products in Germany
  • Great variety of legal protection products and services 
  • European network of legal protection experts
D.A.S. legal protection 

ERGO Versicherung AG
Victoriaplatz 1
40198 Düsseldorf
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ERGO Direkt Versicherungen

  • Germany’s most frequently chosen direct insurer (formerly KarstadtQuelle Insurances)
  • Simple, easy-to-understand products for personal lines business
  • 25 years of market presence and experience
ERGO Direkt Versicherungen

ERGO Direkt Versicherungen
Karl-Martell-Str. 60
90344 Nuremberg
Germany (German)

ERGO VORSORGE Lebensversicherung

  • Develops and administrates products for ERGO companies and third parties (insurers and sales organisations)
  • Specialist and risk carrier for unit-linked life insurance based in Germany and Luxembourg
  • Offers complete product range of corporate pension schemes including the administration of life-time working accounts
 Logo ERGO Vorsorge

ERGO Vorsorge Lebensversicherung AG
Rather Str. 110a
40476 Düsseldorf
Germany (German)

DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung

  • A leading health specialist for over 80 years
  • Comprehensive and needs-oriented cover for private and state health insurance
  • An industry pioneer with innovative services and access to health care

DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung
Aachener Straße 300
50933 Cologne
Germany (German)

ERV Europäische Reiseversicherung

  • A leading European travel insurer operating worldwide
  • Travel protection products for leisure und business travellers
  • About a century of market presence and experience

ERV Europäische Reiseversicherung
Rosenheimer Straße 116
81669 Munich

ALLYSCA Assistance

  • 24/7 suppport in everyday life or for people in need
  • Assistance services to the automotive, financial services and industrial sector
  • A wide range of tailor-made concepts and protection matching customer’s individual needs

ALLYSCA Assistance GmbH
Rosenheimer Straße 116a
81669 Munich
Germany (German)