New ERGO immediate annuity

Press release 10 July 2017

The new ERGO immediate annuity combines a guaranteed pension right from the start - which can increase as a result of surpluses - with the option to make a number of partial withdrawals during the guaranteed annuity period. This provides security as well as flexibility for the insured person for their retirement arrangements.

"The new ERGO immediate annuity is an ideal option for supplementing your private retirement arrangements. It offers an additional financial cushion up to the end of life. It is different from an income plan where the investment is exhausted at a specific point in time" said Michael Fauser, Chairman of the Management Board of ERGO Lebensversicherung AG. "Many people want to be financially independent in their old age. With the ERGO immediate annuity, clients have the flexibility to make withdrawals for unplanned expenses during the guaranteed annuity period. For example, the insured can contribute at short notice to a grandchild's gap year or withdraw money to finance modifications to his or her own apartment so that it is better suited to the needs of older people."

The insured person can also provide financial protection for surviving dependants with the ERGO immediate annuity. They receive the pension for the entire guaranteed annuity period after the death of the insured. An agreement for a survivorship annuity is also possible so that the jointly-insured person receives a pension for his or her lifetime.

With an immediate annuity, after making a single payment customers receive a monthly pension up to the end of their life. The immediate annuity is a good option if, for example, a cash deposit is about to mature or if customers want to invest money from an inheritance in a retirement provision. No medical examination is necessary for the ERGO immediate annuity.

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