ERGO introduces new Riester annuity

Press release 12 September 2016

ERGO offers a new state-subsidised old-age provision product. The VORSORGE Riester annuity Fonds guarantees the preservation of premiums paid and state subsidies received. In addition, its fund investment component provides additional return options to secure old-age provision.

The unit-linked annuity insurance of VORSORGE Lebensversicherung AG, an ERGO Group company, offers the advantages of old-age provision products with state Riester subsidies: financial grants and possible tax benefits. VORSORGE invests part of the premiums and financial grants in a classic investment scheme with security assets. Another part of the capital is invested by the company in a guarantee fund. The VORSORGE premium preservation guarantee covers the premiums paid plus state-subsidised financial grants to provide a life-long pension. The fund investment provides customers with the additional chance to profit from capital markets and to receive an annuity beyond the guaranteed amount. Once the premium preservation guarantee is secured, customers may choose freely a fund to invest in and further increase their return options. For its VORSORGE Riester-Rente Fonds, ERGO waives the one-time acquisition costs. With this, the annuity belongs to the best tariffs in the market regarding the price-performance ratio.

“Many state-subsidised products are solid pillars of old-age provision. However, only insurance products cover the entire retirement period. This aspect is even more important considering the increasing lifespan. Statistically, people get ever older”, says Michael Fauser, Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Lebensversicherungs AG. “Our new Riester annuity follows from our commitment to offer our customers different options to build up old-age provision.”

Beside life-long annuity payments, customers may also choose a different pay-out option. It is possible to opt for a one-off lump-sum of up to 30 percent of the total amount, available at the time of the beginning of retirement.

The VORSORGE Riester annuity Fonds is invested in the fund DWS Funds Global Protect 80, a product of the investment company DWS Funds SICAV.

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