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ERGO Mobility Solutions: Executive Management for the new company has been appointed

Press release 21.12.2016

On 1 January 2017, the newly established ERGO Mobility Solutions GmbH will start its operations. The company aims to develop strategic international cooperations with the automotive industry and car trade. Philipp Grosse Kleimann, Thorsten Liebert, Michael Müller and Jürgen Thiele will form the Executive Management. They will report to Karsten Crede who will at the same time join the Board of Management at ERGO Digital Ventures AG, the digital business unit of ERGO Insurance Group at Düsseldorf. „We were able to form an excellent team of experienced industry experts in automotive financial services for the Executive Management of ERGO Mobility Solutions“, says Mark Klein, Chief Executive Officer at ERGO Digital Ventures AG.


Protection against fraud for online purchases

Press release 19.11.2016

It only takes a few mouse clicks to buy the perfect gift: the German Retail Association estimates that German Internet users will spend 12 billion euros during the 2016 Christmas shopping season. However, this is often followed by a rude awakening when online fraudsters do not deliver goods already paid for. According to the German Serious Fraud Office, every third offence committed on the Internet in 2015 was related to fraud when making purchases. Users can now insure themselves against this risk: ERGO Direkt offers cover (Internet-Schutzbrief) of up to 3,000 euros if goods ordered online are not delivered – thus giving the purchaser peace of mind when shopping online.


ERGO Belgium intends to stop writing new life insurance business

Press release 16.12.2016

ERGO Group’s Belgian subsidiary, ERGO Belgium, announced today its intention to stop writing new life insurance business and to close down the sales organisation. In addition to that, the company’s proposed strategic plan sent today to the Works’ Council – a Belgian consultation body – puts a clear focus on servicing the existing customers by aiming for higher efficiency. All intended changes are still subject to the outcome of the information and consultation process with the Works Council in Belgium.


ERGO Lebensversicherung lowers policyholder bonus 2017

Press release 6.12.2016

Following two years of stable overall interest return for traditional life insurance products, ERGO Group’s life carriers adjust the policyholder bonus 2017. With this decision, ERGO Lebensversicherung AG reacts on the continued low interest rate phase on capital markets and lowers the overall policyholder bonus by 0.45 percentage points to 2.6 percent. At the same time, ERGO reduces the terminal bonus for older tariff generations with a higher guaranteed interest rate.


ERGO to become leading transport insurer for Volkswagen Financial Services

Press release 24.11.2016

ERGO Versicherung AG and its subsidiary Köln Assekuranz (KA), will manage the Volkswagen transport insurance programme as from 1 January 2017. KA is a specialist for industrial transport and group accident risks, and works with its own specially developed IT systems that assess the risks of natural disasters.


Monika Sebold-Bender to complete the Board of Management at ERGO Group AG

Press release 21.11.2016

Monika Sebold-Bender will join the Board of Management at ERGO Group AG in Düsseldorf on 1 January 2017. She will take over responsibility for Global Property & Casualty (P&C) from Christian Diedrich who will retire at the end of 2016.


Agreement with workers’ representatives: ERGO Direkt set up as new Competence Centre for online business

Press release 1.11.2016

As from 1 November 2016, ERGO Direkt will be established as ERGO’s new Competence Centre Online in Germany, extending Online Service, Customer Relationship Management and Data Analytics as new units. The establishment has been made possible by the reconciliation of interests agreed between ERGO Direkt and co-determination committees. The new units will comprise around 100 positions, of which roughly 50 positions are vacant and still need to be filled.


Protection against cyber attacks

Press release 18.10.2016

Property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung now offers two cyber risk cover options for small and medium-sized companies: one is comprehensive coverage and the other is compact cyber cover for companies with a turnover of up to 1 million euros. With the introduction of the new products, ERGO is reacting to the increasing number of cyber attacks on German companies.


Alexander Ankel to head ERGO International AG

Press release 28.9.2016

Alexander Ankel will assume responsibility for the international business of the ERGO Group as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ERGO International AG. He will take over from Jochen Messemer who will leave the Company at the end of the year. Alexander Ankel will join the ERGO Group on 1 November 2016; the primary insurer is operating in over 30 countries. The appointment is subject to the usual reservations by the German Financial Supervisory Authority.


Johannes Lörper to retire – Sebastian Rapsch appointed to Board of Management

Press release 26.9.2016

Changes to the health insurer DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG Board of Management in Cologne: Johannes Lörper (63) will be retiring on 30 September 2016, Sebastian Rapsch (44) will strengthen the Board of Management as from 1 October 2016. To date, Rapsch has been responsible for ERGO Group AG Corporate Development. His successor has not yet been decided. Johannes Lörper has been a member of the DKV Board of Management since 2014. He has also held numerous posts in the ERGO Group since 2002.


ERGO expands art insurance

Press release 19.9.2016

ERGO Versicherung is expanding its art insurance segment. Private collectors can now also insure their artworks and collectibles with the new “ERGO Private Art Insurance”. Until recently, ERGO only provided insurance for art exhibitions, museums and galleries.


ERGO introduces new Riester annuity

Press release 12.9.2016

ERGO offers a new state-subsidised old-age provision product. The VORSORGE Riester annuity Fonds guarantees the preservation of premiums paid and state subsidies received. In addition, its fund investment component provides additional return options to secure old-age Provision.


Achim Kassow and Markus Hofmann appointed to the Board of Management of ERGO Deutschland AG

Press release 30.8.2016

The Supervisory Board of ERGO Deutschland AG has appointed Achim Kassow and Markus Hofmann to the company’s Board of Management as from 1 November 2016. In addition, Achim Kassow was appointed Chairman of the Board of Management as from 1 January 2017.
The Supervisory Board of ERGO Versicherung AG has appointed Markus Hofmann as from 1 November 2016 as member of the Board of Management of ERGO Versicherung AG. On 1 January 2017, he will take over as Chairman of the company’s Board of Management.


ERGO will establish new sales structure from 1 January 2017

Press release 12.8.2016

Following intensive negotiations between ERGO and representatives of its co-determination bodies, a reconciliation of interests’ agreement for German sales forces has been reached. By mutual consent, details are not to be disclosed until the beginning of September 2016.


“Germany remains seated” – especially at work

Press release 8.8.2016

DKV and the Centre for Health of the German Sport University in Cologne have released the fourth edition of the DKV Report, “How healthy is Germany?” The report gives an insight into the health-related behaviour of people in Germany.


Healthy living: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania takes the lead

Press release 8.8.2016

The results of this year’s DKV Report, “How healthy is Germany?”, show that there is no other German federal state where there are proportionately more healthy than unhealthy people than Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In 2014 and 2016, research institute GfK Nuremburg surveyed a total of 400 residents of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania about their health-related behaviour for this nationwide report. Ingo Froböse, Professor at the German Sport University Cologne, was the Scientific Director.


Almost half of wearables are unused

Press release 8.8.2016

The results of this year’s DKV Report, “How healthy is Germany?”, show that almost half of all people who own a fitness tracker do not use it or have stopped using it. Experts from GfK Nuremburg surveyed a total of 2,830 people in Germany for the representative DKV Report. Ingo Froböse, Professor at the German Sport University Cologne, was the Scientific Director of this report.


Completed acquisition of ATE: ERGO becomes largest property-casualty insurer in Greece

Press release 1.8.2016

The ERGO Group, Düsseldorf, successfully completed the acquisition of the Greek company ATE Insurance, Athens. The transaction makes ERGO the largest property-casualty insurer in the market. The purchase price is 90.1 million euros, subject to net asset value adjustments. With the acquisition, ERGO continues to pursue its international growth strategy.


Germans on holiday: more exercise, but less healthy food

Press release 7.7.2016

As many people know from their own experience, gaining a few pounds on holiday is quite common. A current DKV Report shows that almost a quarter of people eat more unhealthily on holiday than they do at home. The good news is that most people exercise more.


Board member Ralf Hartmann to leave ERGO Direkt

Press release 29.6.2016

Ralf Hartmann will be stepping down from the Board of Management of ERGO Direkt Versicherungen on 31 July 2016 by mutual agreement. His successor has not yet been appointed. Mr Hartmann will also resign from all his Board positions within the ERGO Group.


ERGO Board member Dr. Jochen Messemer to leave at end of year

Press release 23.6.2016

Dr. Jochen Messemer, responsible for International Business on the Management Board of the ERGO Group, will leave the Company at the end of 2016 in best mutual agreement. His successor has not yet been appointed.


ERGO appoints Telekom manager Mark Klein as Chief Digital Officer

Press release 15.6.2016

Mark Klein is to become Chief Digital Officer of ERGO Digital Ventures AG, the new digital division of ERGO Group AG, Düsseldorf, as from 1 September 2016. The 44-year-old was previously Board Chairman of T-Mobile Netherlands B.V.


HDFC ERGO acquires Indian non-life insurer L&T General Insurance

Press release 3.6.2016

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company (HDFC ERGO), Mumbai, India, purchases 100 percent of L&T General Insurance Company Ltd. (LTGI) from Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Representatives of both companies signed a share purchase agreement today. The parties agreed on a purchase price of INR 551 cr (74 million euros). Hereby ERGO further strengthens its engagement in India as a focus market, after recently increasing its shareholding in HDFC ERGO to 49 percent.


ERGO is investing €1 billion and making itself fit for the digital transformation

Press release 1.6.2016

ERGO Group AG is strengthening its role as a leading international primary insurer and moving forward with the digital transformation of its business model with its new strategy. ERGO is investing approx. one billion euros and targeting cost savings of approx. €540 million gross. ERGO will be making a comprehensive cross-channel offering available to customers and sales partners. By 2021 at the latest, ERGO expects annual net profits of over €500 million, thus making a sustainable contribution to the result of its owner Munich Re. ERGO plans to grow faster than the market from 2019. The Company’s Supervisory Board approved the strategy programme at a meeting on 31 May 2016. Subject to agreement with the co-determination bodies, all measures are to be concluded no later than 2020.


ERGO acquires shares of Thaisri Insurance

Press release 26.5.2016

The ERGO Group, Düsseldorf, is entering the insurance market in Thailand by acquiring a minority share of 40.26 percent of Thaisri Insurance from Pailuck Company Ltd., Bangkok. Representatives of both companies signed a share purchase agreement today. The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price. With the acquisition, ERGO strengthens its presence in Asia as one of its key markets and continues to pursue its international growth strategy.


No excess payable for implants

Press release 2.5.2016

DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung, the ERGO health insurer, is one of the few companies in Germany to offer supplementary insurance for dentures with 100 percent reimbursement. This eliminates the normal excess for customers who even receive implants and inlays.


The new VORSORGE Care Pension plus offers both a guaranteed provision as well as earnings perspective

Press release 28.4.2016

VORSORGE Luxemburg Lebensversicherung – a subsidiary of ERGO Group – adds to its portfolio a long-term care insurance pension against single premium for customers in Germany. The customer individually and flexibly determines the amount and scope of support in case of need for care. The insurance is based on a capital market investment concept, thus offering a possible additional increase of the guaranteed Pension.


ERGO Versicherung AG opens branch office in France

Press release 27.4.2016

Property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung AG is leveraging its position in German industrial business to gain market shares elsewhere in Europe. To this end, the company has opened branch offices in various countries over the past few years. In a further move, the company has now completed its entry into the French market and plans to underwrite industrial property, liability, transport and surety insurance for corporate customers in the country.


Karsten Crede to take responsibility for new Board Division ERGO Mobility Solutions

Press release 22.4.2016

ERGO Digital Ventures AG will set up ERGO Mobility Solutions as new business division. It will be managed by Karsten Crede as member of the Management Board of the digital business pillar of ERGO Group AG, Düsseldorf. Subject to approval of the relevant bodies, the 47-year-old will take over the newly established Board Division on 1 January 2017.


Management Board changes at German sales company

Press release 20.4.2016

On the Board of Management of German sales company ERGO Beratung und Vertrieb AG (EBV), Hanno Schädel will be taking responsibility for Central Divisions Sales as of 1 July 2016. He will be replacing Thomas Bilitewski who is leaving the company by mutual agreement following a transition phase. Schädel will report to Harald Christ who, as announced on 14 December 2015, will take over as Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Beratung und Vertrieb AG as of 1 July 2016.


ERGO provides warranty and indemnity insurance

Press release 18.4.2016

German property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung offers a warranty and indemnity insurance for company takeovers. It safeguards buyers and sellers against possible risks arising from breaches of warranties in a sales agreement. ERGO is the first German insurer to react to the growing number of M&A transactions in Germany.


ERGO Board member Christian Diedrich to retire at end of year

Press release 5.4.2016

Christian Diedrich, member of the Board of Management of ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG and Chairman of the Board of Management of German property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung AG, will resign from both Boards after attaining the age of 60. He has decided to retire when his term of office expires at the end of 2016 due to personal reasons.


Instant and flexible accident insurance cover via smartphone

Press release 23.3.2016

Many Germans spend the Easter break riding their mountain bikes, going climbing or on the ski slopes. If anything untoward happens, most of them are not covered by insurance. According to an Allensbach study, an opinion polling institute, 63 percent of people over the age of 14 do not currently have personal accident insurance. Last-minute insurance cover can be taken out for one person or the entire family flexibly using a smartphone with the accident protection mobile app by ERGO Direkt – on the way during a stop at a service station or even after having arrived on-site.


ERGO is new “Official Partner of the DFB Cup” of the German Football Association

Press release 14.3.2016

ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG has signed a three-year contract with DFB, the German Football Association, for an extensive sponsorship of the German DFB Cup competition. The insurance group will be one of the six “Official Partners” for this trophy from the start of the 2016/2017 season and will receive an attractive rights package for all 63 games in the competition.


ERGO revises Group structure – Supervisory Board appoints Andree Moschner to Management Board

Press release 12.2.2016

ERGO Insurance Group will reorganise its structure. Under the roof of the renamed ERGO Group AG, the German, International and Direct & Digital businesses will be steered in three separate units in the future. CEO Dr. Markus Rieß: “We modernise our structure and thus create the basis for innovation as well as for strong strategic and operative management.” The Supervisory Board also appointed Andree Moschner to the Board of Management. Dr. Daniel von Borries will leave the Company.


ERGO offers new protection against occupational disability

Press release 15.1.2016

ERGO Lebensversicherung has developed a new occupational disability insurance for the self-employed. For the majority of insured professions, this product stands out by offering more benefits at a lower cost.


Peter Stockhorst to become Board Chairman at German direct insurer

Press release 12.1.2016

Peter Stockhorst will take over as Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Direkt Versicherungen on 15 January 2016. Daniel von Borries will step down as Chairman and focus on his responsibility for Investments at the ERGO Insurance Group.


Changes to the Board of Management of ERGO’s German life insurers

Press release 11.1.2016

Dr. Dr. Michael Fauser and Dr. Max Happacher were appointed to the Board of ERGO Lebensversicherung with effect from 1 May 2016. Dr. Johannes Lörper has announced his retirement at the end of 2016.


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