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ERGO reports on activities for sustainability in 2014

Short news 22 December 2015

The ERGO Insurance Group again presents a detailed sustainability reporting in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.


Total interest return for ERGO life insurers steady in 2016

Press release 18 December 2015

The German life insurers of ERGO Insurance Group will be keeping total interest return on their classic life insurance products in 2016 on par with the 2015 rate.


Tomasz Smaczny appointed Chief Information Officer of ERGO Insurance Group

Short news 17 December 2015

Tomasz Smaczny will take over as Chairman of the Executive Management of IT service provider ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH and as Chief Information Officer of ERGO Insurance Group from 1 January 2016. He succeeds Bettina Anders who in May 2015 announced her intention to resign at year-end.


ERGO acquires additional shares of HDFC ERGO

Press release 17 December 2015

The ERGO Insurance Group, Düsseldorf, will acquire additional 22.9 percent of shares of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company (HDFC ERGO) from its joint venture partner, the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), Mumbai, India and increase its shareholdings to 48.7 percent. Representatives of both companies signed a share purchase agreement today.


Frank Neuroth to leave ERGO Insurance Group

Short News 16 December 2015

Frank Neuroth is going to leave ERGO Insurance Group at year-end 2015 in mutual agreement. By then, he will resign from his positions in Group company Management Boards.


Harald Christ appointed Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO’s German sales company

Press release 14 December 2015

Harald Christ will take over as new Chairman of the Board of ERGO Beratung und Vertrieb AG from 1 July 2016. This has been decided by the Supervisory Board of the German sales company of ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG.


ERGO sells Italian subsidiaries

Press release 23 November 2015

The ERGO Insurance Group is selling its Italian subsidiary ERGO Italia including the insurance entities ERGO Previdenza and ERGO Assicurazioni to the European private equity firm Cinven. Representatives of both companies signed a share purchase agreement. Closing of the sale is subject to regulatory approval customary for transactions of this type. The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


ERGO Direkt provides advisory service via “WhatsApp”

Press release 18 November 2015

ERGO Direkt is the first insurance company in Germany that is available on the “WhatsApp” mobile chat service for advice on products and services. The direct insurer has thus expanded its digital customer service to a messaging application that, according to the provider, is regularly used by 32 million Germans.


TÜV seal of approval for ERGO’s quality of advice

Press release 20 Oktober 2015

ERGO provides sound and comprehensive advice on insurance coverage and provision. German inspection agency TÜV Rheinland has awarded ERGO Insurance Group the “Quality of advice in finance” certificate for its advisory approach. The “ERGO Kompass” (ERGO Compass) is a vital component of the consulting process.


DKV doubles the benefits of long-term care insurance

Press release 19 October 2015

Health insurer DKV is launching two new supplementary long-term care insurance products on the German market: a daily care allowance and a tariff that doubles the benefits of statutory long-term care insurance for the customer. With the launch, the market leader in supplementary health insurance products intends to attract new target Groups.


Long-term nursing care: preferably ignored by many

Press release 29 September 2015

For most people, the need for long-term nursing care is something they would rather ignore. 59 percent of them say that they would prefer to avoid subjects such as serious illness and long-term nursing care. This is shown by data in the latest study on nursing care from DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung, for which the market research institute Heute und Morgen surveyed 2,000 people.


ERGO employees in Germany donate 11,000 euros to the STAY! refugee initiative

Press release 24 September 2015

Staff at ERGO Insurance Group in Düsseldorf have donated to a refugee project at this year’s company party. The donation of 11,000 euros will go to STAY! Düsseldorfer Flüchtlingsinitiative e.V. on 25 September.


Markus Rieß takes over helm at ERGO

Short News 16 September 2015

Markus Rieß today took over the helm as new Chairman of the Board at ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG and as Board member at Munich Re.


“Dein Weg” – ERGO once again honours people who show great courage

Press release 27 August 2015

ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG is presenting the “De-in Weg” [Your Journey] award for the second consecu-tive year. This online competition is aimed at people who have the confidence to make their dreams come true. Total prize money stands at 11,500 euros and the deadline for en-tries is 11 October 2015.


Reading, writing, sitting – as children go back to school, DKV warns that they are spending too much time sitting down

Press release 10 August 2015

Over the years to come, they’ll learn to read, write and do arithmetic – as well as getting used to spending a lot of time sitting down, as this year’s DKV Report showed. DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung advocates more exercise for primary school children.


Changes to ERGO Insurance Group Board of Management

Press release 4 August 2015

Rolf Wiswesser, member of the Board of Management in charge of sales, will be leaving ERGO Insurance Group by mutual agreement at the end of this year. His board appointment at ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG will expire on 30 September. In order to ensure a smooth transition, Wiswesser will act in an advisory capacity until the end of the year. This decision was taken by the ERGO Supervisory Board today afternoon. The designated Chairman of the Board of Management at ERGO, Markus Rieß, will initially take over the sales division.


New online settlement service at ERGO Direkt

Press release 6 July 2015

ERGO Direkt customers are now able to settle their claims for professional dental cleaning online themselves – right up until payout. This application is yet another step by the company in its expansion of digital customer service, which is leading the market in the German insurance industry.


ERGO offers ETFs for private annuity insurance

Press release 18 June 2015

Life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung is expanding its award-winning funds in private annuity insurance to include exchange-traded funds (ETF). With “ERGO Rente Chance” (ERGO Annuity Opportunity), customers in Germany are now able to make use of four index funds based on stock market indices such as DAX as a basic cost-effective investment for their old-age provision.


Markus Rieß confirmed to become CEO of ERGO and member of the Munich Re Board of Management

Press release 9 June 2015

The Supervisory Board of ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG has today appointed Markus Rieß to the ERGO Board of Management and also as its Chairman. Moreover, the Supervisory Board of Munich Re has appointed Rieß as a member of the Munich Re Board of Management. Both appointments will take effect on 16 September 2015.


D.A.S. records healthy profit in past financial year – ERGO Versicherung AG becomes new legal entity for D.A.S. products in Germany

Press release 1 June 2015

Following a significant rise in profits, up from last year’s figure of 52.3 million euros to 64.7 million euros, legal protection insurer D.A.S. Allgemeine Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG can look back on a pleasing result in the 2014 financial year. After the entry in the commercial register, the company has now been amalgamated with ERGO Versicherung AG with retroactive effect from 1 January 2015. The property-casualty insurer is now the new legal entity for D.A.S. legal protection products in Germany. ERGO intends to reduce efforts and save costs by diminishing the number of legal entities.


Two-thirds of the elderly have little contact with people dependent on care

Press release 27 May 2015

Many people have no contact with people dependent on care – and pensioners are no exception. These are the findings of a survey conducted by Germany’s largest market research institute GfK on behalf of health insurer DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung, where more than 3,000 people were surveyed.


Care app and tariff check: DKV expands digital services

Press release 20 May 2015

The customers of ERGO’s health insurance specialist, DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung, are increasingly using the company’s digital services. DKV has further extended these options during the past year. There is a new app for relatives of people dependent on care. Profit rose during the 2014 financial year, whilst premiums fell slightly.


ERGO Direkt achieved record result in 2014

Press release 8 May 2015

2014 saw the direct insurer of the ERGO Insurance Group increase its net profit for the year by 6.2 percent to 46.3 (43.6) million euros. New business rose by around 4.5 percent to 156 million euros*. The investment result, however, declined to 169.1 (192.4) million euros.


Change on the Board of Management of the ERGO Insurance Group

Press release 8 May 2015

Bettina Anders, Member of the Board of Management of ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG and Chief Information Officer, will leave the Company at her own request and by amicable agreement at the end of 31 December 2015. For personal reasons, Ms Anders does not seek to extend her contract which expires at the end of the year. Her succession will be settled at a later date.


New annuity from VORSORGE: take advantage of return opportunities on capital markets during retirement

Press release 4 May 2015

Life insurer VORSORGE Luxemburg Lebensversicherung – a subsidiary of the ERGO Insurance Group – is offering a new annuity for single premiums. With “VORSORGE SofortRente invest”, premiums are invested on stock and bond markets by means of a growth fund.


Lars von Lackum appointed to Board of ERGO International AG

Press release 30 April 2015

Lars von Lackum has been appointed to the Board of Management of ERGO International AG with effect from 1 May 2015. He will be responsible for the international legal protection business of the D.A.S brand.


ERGO Lebensversicherung - new business sustained by single premiums

Press release 29 April 2015

All savers had a hard time in 2014 as a result of extremely low interest rates. In spite of these adverse circumstances, German life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung managed to keep new business at a steady level in the past year. This was largely due to policies with single premiums for company pensions. New annuity insurance products, which were launched in mid-2013, gave a pleasing impetus to new private pension business in 2014.


Planned changes at the helm of ERGO's Board of Management and on Munich Re's Board of Management

Press release 24 April 2015

The Chairman of ERGO's Board of Management, Torsten Oletzky, will leave ERGO at the end of the year. His intended successor is Markus Rieß, CEO of Allianz Deutschland, who is also to be appointed to Munich Re's Board of Management.


ERGO publishes fourth Customer Report

Press release 20 April 2015

What insurance cover does a young family require? Which kinds of insurance can they probably do without? These and other questions are answered by experts in the fourth issue of the ERGO Customer Report.


New semester: what students in shared flats should look out for

Press release 16 April 2015

Should I live alone or in a shared flat? This is a question which many students ask themselves. At the start of a semester, many students return to their shared flat or move in with several other residents for the first time. However, flat-sharing can bring unexpected pitfalls.


Renewed rise in profits for ERGO Insurance Group in 2014

Press release 9 April 2015

ERGO Insurance Group attained a profit of 620 million euros in the 2014 financial year, up by 184 million euros on the previous year. Special effects resulting from tax reimbursements and interest rate hedging measures have had a positive impact on the result.


TÜV certification: communication at ERGO is clear and understandable

Press release 9 April 2015

ERGO Insurance Group has the customer requirement for improved readability on its agenda. The company has once again come a step closer to the goal of clear communication. TÜV Saarland, an independent inspection organisation, evaluated ERGO’s clear-language initiative for the second time and awarded it the grade “good” (1.90). ERGO achieved a score of 2.07 in 2013.


ERGO Direkt mobile website rated exceedingly trustworthy: TÜV Süd awards “s@fer-shopping” seal of approval

Press release 26. February 2015

TÜV Süd tested ERGO Direkt’s mobile website for quality, security and transparency for the first time in 2014, and awarded it the “s@fer-shopping” seal of approval. ERGO Direkt is therefore the first company in the German insurance industry to receive this certification for a website designed for mobile devices.


ERGO awarded top grade for occupational disability cover

Short news 13 February 2015

The German independent insurance analysis agency, Franke und Bornberg, has given ERGO’s occupational disability insurance its top FFF (“outstanding”) rating.


“Germany remains seated”: 2015 DKV Report addresses the persistent sitting that dominates our lifestyles

Press release 26 January 2015

DKV and the “Zentrum für Gesundheit” (Centre for Sport and Health Research) at the German Sport University Cologne have released the third edition of the DKV Report, “How healthy is Germany?” Based on data collected in 2014, the Report provides sound scientific insight into the health-related behaviour of people in Germany. For the first time, the experts also took a close look at sitting, which they regard as a health risk factor in its own right. In a special survey, parents provide information about the media and health-related behaviour of their six to twelve-year-old children.


Growing up while sitting down

Press release 26 January 2015

Children in Germany spend more time in front of the screen than is good for them and most children don’t get enough exercise. These were the findings of the 2015 DKV Report, “How healthy is Germany?”, which was released today in Berlin. For the first time, the 2015 DKV Report contains a survey of 300 parents on the use of media and the health-related behaviour of their six to twelve-year-old children.


ERGO enjoys excellent customer confidence

Short news 14 January 2015

The German weekly business magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” awarded ERGO with seal of quality for excellent customer confidence in the Insurer - Multi-Channel Sales category.


ERGO Company Annuity Guarantee – an innovation in company pension schemes

Press release 13 January 2015

Direct insurance is the most effective option for employee company pension schemes in small and medium-sized companies in particular. The new “ERGO Betriebs-Rente Garantie” (ERGO Company Annuity Guarantee) provides proven security, great flexibility in terms of payment of premiums and good earnings potential in all periods of interest. Special features include supplementary cover against occupational disability without having to undergo a health assessment. The same premium applies for all job categories.


ERGO survey on life expectancy proves that most people will live longer than expected

Press release 9 January 2015

The market research institute Ipsos carried out a representative survey in Germany on behalf of ERGO Insurance Group. Around 1,000 respondents from different age groups were asked to estimate their own life expectancy. The results show that most of them significantly underestimate their life expectancy.


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