Press releases 2013

Press releases and short news 2013

HDI and DKV extend collaboration

Press release 19 December 2013

HDI Versicherungen and DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung have extended their partnership. The new agreement, which will enable HDI Versicherungen to continue selling DKV’s health insurance products in Germany and integrate them into their own product portfolio, will take effect from 1 January 2014.


ERGO Lebensversicherung maintains stable policyholder bonus

Press release 16 December 2013

Despite continued low interest rates, customers of German life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung will continue to receive a total interest return of 3.55 percent next year, too. ERGO Lebensversicherung made the correct decisions early on to secure stable returns for customers, even when conditions remain difficult on the financial markets.


Silke Lautenschläger appointed to ERGO Board of Management

Press release 4 December 2013

ERGO Insurance Group’s Supervisory Board appointed Silke Lautenschläger to the ERGO Board of Management as of 1 January 2014. She will assume responsibility for the new COO department.


Childhood obesity: who are the culprits?

Press release 28 November 2013

Plenty of people and organisations bear joint responsibility when children suffer from obesity, but it’s the parents that have the largest influence. These were the findings of a representative survey carried out by German health insurer DKV.


ERGO motor insurance claims app: report claims immediately

Short news 14 November 2013

ERGO customers in Germany can now report a claim immediately after an accident has occurred using their iPhone. The app records all the important information, such as the location of the accident and the personal details of those involved.


Storm damage – a case for insurance

Press release 29 October 2013

“Christian” was the latest violent storm to hit large parts of Germany, with fire rescue teams being kept busy on Monday and through Monday night as toppled trees blocked roads and railway lines in many areas, tiles tumbled from roofs, parts of house fronts fell off and forests had to be closed off. Hurricane force winds blew across the North Sea Islands with a speed up to 191 km/h. They can cause extensive damage to buildings, goods and vehicles. Which insurance covers the damage?


ERGO Customer Advisory Board ends first term

Press release 22 October 2013

The ERGO Customer Advisory Board has now finished its first term. The 25 members have met five times since 2011, giving ERGO valuable impetus from the customers’ point of view. The second term will start in spring 2014 with new members. Applications can be submitted now.


Bundesliga: who will foot the bill when the knee gives way?

Press release 15 October 2013

The German health insurer DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung has launched a new tariff for professional athletes. In the event of injuries or illness, the insurer will pay appropriate daily sickness benefits to the athlete in question. DKV is one of the few companies to offer such specialist tariffs.


ERGO chooses RAPP as its new lead agency in Germany

Press release 9 October 2013

In a multi-phase selection process by ERGO Insurance Group, RAPP Germany was the agency that came out on top. In the future, RAPP Germany will be the lead agency to develop and implement advertising campaigns for the ERGO and ERGO Direkt brands in Germany.


ERGO strengthens construction financing with state-subsidised development loans

Short news 30 September 2013

From 1 October 2013, life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung will be offering loans from the “Energy Efficiency” and “Senior-Friendly Conversion” programmes of Germany’s development bank KfW. ERGO is thus able to expand the direct offers of real estate development loans first introduced in 2012.


Joint venture goes into business: ERGO sells first life insurance policies in China

Press release 5 September 2013

The ERGO Insurance Group now also offers life insurance on the Chinese market. The joint venture, ERGO China Life, will start business operations next week by selling its first policies. ERGO China Life is focussed on the economically attractive province of Shandong and its approximately 97 million inhabitants, which make it the third largest domestic insurance market.


Customise and purchase personal liability insurance online

Press release 19 August 2013

The newly developed discovery tour and configurator for personal liability insurance are now available at Individual modules give customers in Germany the opportunity to customise and purchase their personal liability insurance online using their computer or tablet.


ERGO employees donate 4,000 euros to children’s hospice

Short news 13 August 2013

ERGO Insurance Group employees donated nearly 3,200 euros to the children’s hospice ‘Regenbogenland’ (Rainbowland) in Düsseldorf at this year’s summer fête on 12 July. The Company then rounded the sum up to 4,000 euros.


ERGO strives for consistent customer-orientated management

Press release 12 August 2013

ERGO Insurance Group is to gear their management more closely towards customers in order to further implement its claim “To insure is to understand”. Important new modules include the introduction of a customer satisfaction index and a planned COO division for all the Company’s customer-related services and processes.


More than 400 trainees begin professional training at ERGO

Press release 5 August 2013

This year, ERGO will welcome more than 400 new trainees across Germany. They will begin their professional training as in-house staff at one of seven administrative offices, or as sales representatives.


ERGO increases stake in Global Insurance Company in Vietnam

Press release 2 August 2013

The ERGO Insurance Group strengthens its engagement in Vietnam by purchasing a further ten percent of shares in Global Insurance Company (GIC). ERGO now holds a 35 percent share in the property-casualty insurer, which has enjoyed extremely positive growth in recent years. As soon as regulating bodies allow it, ERGO intends to further increase its involvement in GIC.


ERGO launches competition for a new lead creative agency

Short news 8 July 2013

ERGO Insurance Group is on the search for a new lead creative agency, starting with a pitching competition. The focus is on developing a new, high-visibility advertising campaign for ERGO and ERGO Direkt in Germany from 2014.


ERGO accident insurance recommended by German test magazine ‘Finanztest’

Short news 18 June 2013

Accident insurance for senior citizens was analysed on its performance in support services and nursing care assistance after an accident. ‘ERGO Unfallschutz Vital’ featuring immediate assistance was one of the products recommended in the latest edition of Finanztest, a test magazine published by the German consumer organisation ‘Stiftung Warentest’. The accident cover enables the customer to remain independent and mobile after an accident.


ERGO sales partners in Germany found quickly using search portals

Press release 17 June 2013

ERGO Insurance Group presents more than 6,000 sales partners in Germany online using a nationwide portal and over 77 regional portals. Internet users will be able to search regional portals quickly and easily for a local contact to answer all insurance-related questions.


New ERGO annuity awarded Volatium class 2

Short news 10 June 2013

The new ‘ERGO Rente Garantie’ [ERGO Annuity Guarantee] tariff which ERGO Lebensversicherung will launch on 1 July 2013 has been certified according to the Volatium transparency standard by independent analysts MORGEN & MORGEN.


ERGO Versicherung reports growth in commercial and industrial insurance business

Press release 6 June 2013

Following the publication of its latest Annual Report, German property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung AG is able to look back on a successful 2012 financial year. A marginally higher gross premium income of 2.72 billion euros (2011: 2.71bn) was recorded, although several coincidental cases of major damage dampened the result. The combined ratio (net) rose slightly to 95.0 (94.2) percent, yet still remains below the market average. Provisions set aside for restructuring the German sales organisations meant that the overall result amounted to 131 (150) million euros, somewhat lower than the previous year.


The new ERGO annuity – the benchmark in old-age provision

Press release 3 June 2013

As of 1 July 2013, ERGO is offering a completely new life insurance policy, developed from scratch by the Company. ‘ERGO Rente Garantie’ (ERGO Annuity Guarantee) combines security, returns and flexibility in a way that is currently unique on the German market. A new unit-linked annuity without premium guarantee will also be launched as ‘ERGO Rente Chance’ (ERGO Annuity Opportunity).


VORSORGE Life focuses on bancassurance

Press release 28 May 2013

VORSORGE Life, the German specialist provider of unit-linked life insurance within the ERGO Insurance Group, recorded premium income of more than a half a billion euros across all companies and segments for the second time in a row in 2012. The most important strategic goal of VORSORGE Lebensversicherung for 2013 is to achieve further growth in bancassurance.


ERGO life insurers: safe haven in turbulent times

Press release 27 May 2013

In a prolonged period of low interest rates ERGO life insurers proved their reliability in 2012. In a challenging environment, sound business policy ensured the necessary stability for their customers’ old-age provision. The recently developed innovative annuity insurance ‘ERGO Rente Garantie’, which will be available for all German customers from July 2013, promises opportunities for growth. 


DKV increases policyholders’ share in profits

Press release 13 May 2013

Today, health insurer DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung presented its results for the 2012 financial year. DKV increased its gross earnings, and raised its policyholders’ share in the profits.


DKV: online premium check for policyholders looking to change their comprehensive health insurance tariff

Press release 13 May 2013

Health insurer DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung has greatly improved its services related to switching tariffs. Customers with comprehensive insurance can now search for the best tariffs online.


D.A.S. Legal Protection with new legal services as from 2012

Press release 8 May 2013

Following the publication of its latest annual report, D.A.S. Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG is able to look back on a successful 2012 financial year. Despite a marginally lower gross premium income, D.A.S improved its combined ratio and overall result. D.A.S. continued to expand its legal protection services during the course of last year.


ERGO: Major topics addressed in 2012

Press release 27 March 2013

ERGO Insurance Group will be presenting its results for the 2012 financial year at today’s balance sheet press conference. The Group result stood at 289 (349) million euros after taking into account provisions put aside for restructuring the German sales organisations. At 18.6 (20.3) billion euros, total premium income was down by 8.4 per cent on last year. This was mainly due to disposals and fewer single-premium life insurance policies.


Get more from insurance – with the ERGO iPad app

Short news 21 March 2013

Gain a better understanding of insurance with the Apple iPad. ERGO has launched a new app to make the world of insurance easier to understand. The “Understand More” app is now available to download free from the Apple app store.


ERGO updates transparency website

Short news 21 March 2013

The ERGO Insurance Group has updated the chapter "transparency" on its german website. In this chapter, the company publishes information on misconduct on incentive trips and events as well as on allegations concerning the insurance business which had been discussed in the prublic in 2011 mainly.


ERGO Supervisory Board extends contract of Management Board Chairman Oletzky

Press release 20 March 2013

The Supervisory Board of ERGO Insurance Group has yesterday extended the appointment of Torsten Oletzky for five years.


ERGO Direkt helps customers save nearly 1.5 million Euros in dentist bills

Press release 7 March 2013

Since September 2012 ERGO Direkt‘s dental cost optimizer has been offering a free service that enables consumers to significantly reduce their dentist bills. And it works: Since its launch patients have been able to save nearly 1.5 million Euros. Now the service is even simpler: Anybody interested can download all documents as editable PDFs direct from the Internet.


“Clear Language Initiative” put to test: ERGO awarded TÜV seal

Press release 6 March 2013

ERGO Insurance Group has achieved an important milestone on its path to increased comprehensibility: The German regional inspection agency TÜV Saarland has certified the Company with its seal exceptionally clear communication with customers. ERGO is the first insurer in Germany to be certified as an entire company in terms of clarity and comprehensibility by TÜV Saarland.


ERGO wins “Deutscher Servicepreis 2013” for consulting services

Short news 6 February 2013

ERGO Insurance Group is among the winners of the German Service Award 2013, awarded for the third time by DISQ, the German Institute for Quality in Services, in collaboration with the German television network n-tv.


Top marks for new household contents insurance from ERGO

Short news 4 February 2013

The new ERGO household contents insurance has already impressed the experts: the independent German insurance analysis agency Franke und Bornberg has given the household contents insurance from ERGO its top FFF (“outstanding”) rating.


Standard & Poor’s rating: A+ (stable) for German legal protection insurer D.A.S.

Press release 31 January 2013

The rating agency Standard & Poor’s has given D.A.S. Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG an A+ rating with a “stable” outlook for the fourth time in succession. The strategic importance of D.A.S. for Munich Re is highlighted by Standard & Poor’s as the most significant factor in its justification for the rating. D.A.S. Austria has also been given an A (“stable”) rating.


Adequate cover for valuables in safe deposit boxes and safes

Press release 24 January 2013

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, demand for safe deposit boxes and safes has increased significantly. In times of insecurity, people place their trust mainly in tangible assets such as jewellery, gold and valuable documents. They need to be deposited safely and adequately insured.


Top marks again for occupational disability insurance from ERGO

Press relese 23 January 2013

For the sixth time, German life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung has proven its expertise and reliability with its occupational disability cover. The independent insurance analysis agency Franke und Bornberg has given the occupational disability insurance from ERGO Lebensversicherung its top FFF (“outstanding”) rating.


Is it better to die than live with Alzheimer’s?

Press release 17 January 2013

The majority of German citizens (53 per cent) would prefer to die earlier than live with Alzheimer’s. These were the findings of a representative survey carried out on behalf of the German health insurer DKV on 2,000 people under 66 years of age.


Weather-related claims in Germany in 2012: sharp increase in frost-related damages

Press release 15 January 2013

2012 was a relatively quiet year in Germany: the most severe damages resulted from the harsh frost at the beginning of last year. On the whole, however, weather-related damages stabilised to a normal level. A trend experienced in previous years was therefore not continued in 2012, namely the increase of regional storms and the shifting of weather phenomena across individual seasons.


Mediation by D.A.S. most consumer friendly according to consumer protection magazine Finanztest

Short news 9 January 2013

Mediation by D.A.S. most consumer friendly according to consumer protection magazine Finanztest.


ERGO new official partner of the German Basketball Federation

Press release 8 January 2013

ERGO new official partner of the German Basketball Federation


New ERGO home contents insurance: cover in every situation

Press release 2 January 2013

ERGO Insurance now offers a modern policy geared towards an individual lifestyle to cover the much-loved possessions in your home. Besides many new features, this insurance focuses on the customer's particular requirements. Our modular system means that the policy can be adapted to meet individual needs. One of the benefits included in the policy is the insurance of individual belongings, i.e. comprehensive cover for your favourite item.


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