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Press releases and short news 2012

Majority of Germans support traffic light scheme for food labelling

Press release 20 December 2012

Three-quarters of Germans support the proposed idea for labelling foods in supermarkets using a traffic light scheme. The different colours signify the levels of fats, sugar and salt in various foods.


People who are overweight eat faster

Press release 17 December 2012

According to a survey by German health insurer DKV, people who are overweight frequently take less time to eat than people who are a healthy weight.


ERGO expands bancassurance business in the Baltic states

Press release 13. December 2012

The ERGO Insurance Group is expanding its international bancassurance business.


Few manage to get their “five-a-day”

Press release 13 December 2012

Only very few people are eating the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Over 3,000 people took part in the survey as part of the DKV Report entitled “How healthy is Germany?”. Only 12 percent said that they managed to eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables.


Stability comes first: ERGO to reduce policyholders' bonus in 2013

Press release 4. December 2012

As a result of the persistent low interest rates on the capital markets, German life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung is dropping the total interest return for new business by 0.6 percentage points.


How healthy are you? DKV self-test now online

Press release 27. November 2012

At, anyone can now put their own lifestyle habits to the test.


High rankings for ERGO's websites

Short news 14. November 2012

This year’s online insurance study “Insurers on the Internet” in Germany has awarded top rankings to ERGO's websites: DKV ( is number one, ERGO ( has come in third, and ERGO Direkt ( ranks eighth.


ERGO and Avantha will launch life insurance company in India

Press release 1. November 2012

The ERGO Insurance Group is strengthening its presence in the emerging Asian markets by signing a joint venture with the Avantha Group in India.


ERGO publishes first Sustainability Report

Short news 31. October 2012

The ERGO Insurance Group has submitted its first Sustainability Report.


Proceeds from charity match go to social project in Gelsenkirchen

Short news 30. October 2012

The ERGO national football team is a Germany-wide amateur team, which talented footballers can apply for every year.


Only seven percent of people choose nursing homes – shared housing for seniors preferred

Press release 25. October 2012

No other form of care is quite as unpopular as nursing homes: only 7 percent of people of working age want to move into a nursing home should they become dependent on care.


Women should make provision now

Press release 22. Oktober 2012

The new “unisex tariffs” mean that specific insurance tariffs for men and women are a thing of the past.


ERGO Customer Report wins "Dialogue" special award

Short news 18. October 2012

The ERGO Customer Report has won the "Dialogue" special award at the German “Service and Innovation Awards for Financial Services 2012”.


ERGO comments on reports of further staff cuts in Germany

Short news 18 October 2012

As part of a regular check on the number of positions in all departments, the staffing plan for the following year is compiled annually.


2012 DKV Report: “How healthy is Germany?”

Press release 5 October 2012

Many Germans lead unhealthy lives, and it is primarily the young and middle-aged who are becoming increasingly inactive. Those who spend the longest time sitting down were among the youngest participants of the study. // DKV Board Chairman Muth: “Highlighting the dangers of obesity and lack of exercise should be given the same significance as AIDS prevention.” // Additional focal points: mental health and sleep, with one in five showing symptoms of depression. High earners and people with a high level of education are psychologically more stable and also tend to sleep better.


Transparency on incentive trips and incentive events

Short news 29 September 2012

In order to become more transparent and win back trust, ERGO has decided to disclose all incidents of misconduct in connection with incentive trips and incentive events. This information will now be available under the heading “Corporate Governance” on the website of the ERGO Insurance Group.


Ludger Griese to leave ERGO Lebensversicherung

Press release 28. September 2012

Griese (48), who is responsible for the sales organisation ERGO Pro on the Board of Management of life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung AG, will leave the Company on 30 September 2012.


Dentures instead of a pay rise

Press release 11. September 2012

Many employers promote their employees’ health, offering low-cost supplementary insurance which entitles them to additional benefits such as dentures or hospital services. What is new is the fact that employers are now able to fully fund this benefit for their entire staff themselves. This means that employees are insured as soon as they join the company, irrespective of their age, gender or previous medical history.


ERGO no longer offers ROP and passenger cover in accident insurance

Press release 10 September 2012

To reinforce our claim “To insure is to understand”, property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung AG no longer offers return of premium (ROP) and passenger cover in accident insurance. In the future ERGO will focus on risk and driver accident cover. This restructuring is in line with customer demand for clear and simple products.


ERGO Direkt develops means to combat high dentists’ bills

Press release 30 August 2012

The leading supplementary dental insurer ERGO Direkt wants to save patients from unnecessary extra expenditure. Therefore, in co-operation with the online portal “”, the direct insurer from Fuerth is offering all patients a free service from September: Every patient can compare their dentist’s costs in a simple way and can pick the most competitive one from among a range of quotations. With the help of the “Zahnkosten-Optimierer” (dental cost optimizer) patients will be able to save up to thousands of Euros on expensive treatments.


Property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung AG opens branch office in Austria

Short news 6 August 2012

ERGO Versicherung AG is very well positioned within German industrial insurance. In order to further expand its market share, the ERGO company has put the focus on industrial markets elsewhere in Europe, with a new branch office now open in Vienna.


ERGO launches quality and efficiency programme and intends to streamline sales

Press release 27 July 2012

The Board of Management of ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG has detailed its plans concerning the initiatives launched in March 2012 aimed at increasing quality and efficiency. Sales organisations are likely to be merged and managed under the umbrella of an ERGO sales company.


DKV invoice app: a quick and easy way to submit your invoices

Press release 12 July 2012

Customers of German health insurer DKV can now submit their invoices over iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad by simply scanning the square QR code printed on the document into their device.


Storm damage – a case for insurance

Press release 2. July 2012

Raging storms, including gale-force winds, hail and torrential rain, caused considerable damage to parts of Germany last weekend. Four women were killed and countless others injured as a result of the extreme weather.


ERGO study shows consumers frequently baffled by information

Press release 20 June 2012

One in every three people frequently or very frequently encounters information they find difficult to understand – this is the conclusion reached by the ERGO Study on Comprehensibility, entitled “What do we still understand?” For the purpose of this representative study, the opinion research institute forsa carried out a Germany-wide survey of 2,600 individuals aged eighteen or above. The results are being presented by the ERGO Insurance Group today.


Thomas Bischof appointed to VORSORGE Board of Management

Press release 12 June 2012

As of 1 July 2012, Thomas Bischof will assume responsibility for Sales within the Board of Management of German life insurer VORSORGE Lebensversicherung AG in addition to heading the Bank Cooperation Division of the ERGO Insurance Group.


ERGO intensifies reporting on corporate responsibility and sustainability

Press release 11 June 2012

Corporate responsibility is an inherent part of ERGO’s guiding principles. Now the Company has significantly increased its reporting about these activities: at the Group provides a comprehensive overview of the Company’s extensive and wide-reaching commitment to sustainability under the heading “Responsibility”.


New online service from the DKV: medicine price comparison

Presse release 4 June 2012

One active ingredient – lots of names. The same medicine is frequently sold under a range of different names, not to mention at different prices. Patients have to buy many medicines themselves, over the counter, which can lead him or her to wonder whether the same drug might not be available under a different name for a cheaper price. The new price comparer on the DKV (German Health Insurance) website provides customers with a quick and easy answer.


ERGO Insurance: growth in commercial and industrial business

Press release 31 May 2012

With the publication of its Annual Report, property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung AG is able to look back on a successful 2011 financial year. Business expansion was driven primarily by the commercial and industrial segments as well as by premium growth for motor insurance. Gross premium income rose by 2.6 percent to 2.7 (2.6) billion euros. Despite a large number of weather-related events and the resultant higher claims expenditure, the (net) combined ratio stood at a very good level of 94.3 percent.


VORSORGE Life increases premium volume by 29 percent

Press release 24 May 2012

2011 was a truly successful year for life insurance company VORSORGE Lebensversicherung. The specialist insurer for unit-linked policies within the ERGO Insurance Group saw a significant increase in its figures for both new and existing business. Premiums rose to above 500 million euros for the first time. In 2012, VORSORGE hopes to continue this growth trend on the basis of transparency and high-performance services.


ERGO life insurers fare well in times of uncertainty

Press release 23 May 2012

In 2011, insurance customers were looking for security and stability more than ever before and ERGO fulfilled these hopes in the past financial year too. It successfully overcame the challenges posed by the public debt crisis and policy of low interest rates. ERGO life insurers are well equipped, even for a longer period with low interest rates. In the long term the strong market position and a broad product range will open up new growth opportunities for ERGO in the private and company pension market.


Increase in premium income and customers for DKV

Press release 10 May 2012

At the press conference organised to present its Annual Report, health insurer DKV was able to look back on a successful 2011 financial year. Premium income rose by 3.1 percent to 4.9 billion euros, and the number of customers was up by 34,000 to 4.4 million. DKV expects an ongoing moderately positive trend for the current financial year.


D.A.S. Legal Protection reduces combined ratio

Press release 9 May 2012

With the publication of its 2011 Annual Report, D.A.S. Legal Protection is able to look back on a satisfactory financial year. At 528.4 (534.5) million euros, gross premium income was down slightly, which was due to lower reinsurance premiums from international subsidiaries. Direct business in Germany rose to 421.1 (419.3) million euros, and the company was able to reduce its (net) combined ratio to 95.3 percent.


ERGO sells South Korean subsidiary

Press release 3 May 2012

The ERGO Insurance Group is selling its South Korean subsidiary ERGO Daum Direct to the AXA Group. Representatives of both companies signed a share purchase and sale agreement today.


ERGO launches start-up of life insurance company in China

Press release 13 April 2012

The ERGO Insurance Group is entering the Chinese insurance market and is launching the start-up of a joint venture with a local partner. The joint venture will primarily offer life insurance to private customers in the economically attractive province of Shandong.


ERGO records stable result in 2011

Press release 29 March 2012

The ERGO Insurance Group reported its results for the 2011 financial year at today’s balance-sheet press conference. In spite of turbulence experienced on the capital markets, ERGO achieved a stable consolidated result of 349 (355) million euros. Total premium income increased slightly by 0.7 percent to 20.3 (20.1) billion euros.


ERGO and FC Schalke 04 extend partnership until 30 June 2015

Press release 22 March 2012

After more than ten years of collaboration, ERGO Insurance Group and FC Schalke 04 extend their partnership.


€100,000 for research into child cancer

Press release 20 March 2012

A donation of €100,000 was made by Peter M. Endres, Chairman of the Board of Management at ERGO Direkt Versicherungen, on 5 March 2012 to the Schickedanz Child Cancer Foundation. This sum was raised thanks to the commitment and efforts made by employees through countless initiatives. In total, the Fürth-based direct insurance group has raised €970,000 for the foundation over the past few years.


ERV and Centre for travel medicineum für Reisemedizin set up competence team for travel safety

Press release 8 March 2012

Close cooperation in the areas of travel preparations, risk information clarification and travel coverinsurance – cComprehensive information kits packets for customers and partners


Standard & Poor’s Rating: A+ for D.A.S. Germany (stable)

Press release 27 February 2012

The rating agency Standard & Poor’s has given legal protection insurer D.A.S. Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG an A+ rating with a “stable” outlook for the third time in succession. The strategic importance of D.A.S. for Munich Re is highlighted by Standard & Poor’s as a significant element in its justification for the rating. Moreover, D.A.S. Austria has been given an A (“stable”) rating.


2011: regional cases of extreme weather on the increase in Germany

Press release 22 February 2012

2011 was the stormiest year in Germany in the last 40 years, and major losses were caused by Achim, Bert and Frank. A recurring trend over the past few years is becoming evident, namely the increase of regional storms and the shifting of weather phenomena across individual seasons. This trend is also having an impact on the insurance industry.


D.A.S. Legal Protection offers app for smartphones

Press release 14 February 2012

D.A.S. Legal Protection Insurance in Germany is expanding its range of digital services for customers by offering a free app for iPhones, iPads and android smartphones. The legal protection insurer of the ERGO Insurance Group is thus developing its mobile services for people interested in legal protection.


Cancer screening can save lives: offers women optimal cover for early diagnosis and for illness

Press release 3 February 2012

The best prevention and the best treatment possible for female cancer sufferers: These are the objectives of The first insurance portal for women offers a new women’s insurance package consisting of two product components: The product FRAUEN-VORSORGE (prevention for women) targets early cancer diagnosis and supports recovery in the case of illness. The FRAUEN-KRANKENHAUS-PAKET (women’s hospital package) ensures the best hospital treatment for female cancers. 


HMI has become ERGO Pro

Press release 27 January 2012

The German sales organisation HMI is now being called ERGO Pro. This change of name is the result of the restructuring of the financial sales organisation which ERGO announced to the press on 8 December 2011


Bortenlänger member of the Supervisory Board of ERGO Insurance Group

Press release 26 January 2012

Since 1 January 2012, Dr. Christine Bortenlänger, member of the Board of Management of Bayerische Börse AG and member of the Executive Board of Munich Stock Exchange, has been appointed a new member of the Supervisory Board of ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG.


ERGO extends premium partnership with German men’s national handball team

Press release 24 January 2012

ERGO Insurance Group will remain the premium partner of the German Handball Association (DHB) for the next two years and is thus its official insurer. The partners have now jointly set up the DHB’s official fan club.


DKV customers can track invoices just like packages

Presse release 23 January 2012

DKV is making billing for benefits easier and more transparent for policyholders. Anyone who has submitted an invoice can check its processing status online at any time.


ERGO’s occupational disability cover gets top marks

Press release 19 January 2012

The independent German insurance analysis agency Franke und Bornberg has given the occupational disability insurance from life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung its top FFF (“outstanding”) rating. In a complex process, analysts carried out an in-company audit of the insurer’s internal figures and the quality of its business processes. This is the fifth time that ERGO has proved its high level of competency in the area of occupational disability cover.


“ERGO Agency TV” offers convenient mobile search for an insurance agent

Presse release 6 January 2012

Profiles of ERGO sales partners can now be called up on mobile devices on “ERGO Agency TV”, a YouTube portal which has been specially created. ERGO is thus setting a benchmark throughout Europe with the development of this modern channel of communication.


Storm damage – a case for insurance

Presse release 4 January 2012

“Ulli” is the latest storm to hit north and west Germany, with fire rescue teams being kept busy through Tuesday night as toppled trees blocked roads and railway lines in many areas, tiles tumbled from roofs, parts of house fronts fell off and forests had to be closed off. Another heavy storm “Andrea” is expected on Thursday. Gale-force winds and heavy rain can cause extensive damage to buildings, goods and vehicles. Which insurance covers the damage?


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