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D.A.S. premium legal protection package is test winner in major comparison of legal protection products

Press release 16 December 2011

German consumer protection organisation Warentest Foundation has declared the premium legal protection package of D.A.S. Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG as test winner in its major comparison of product tariffs. The top tariff of ERGO’s legal protection specialist was commended on its particular consumer friendliness and numerous benefits. The product received a total mark of 1.8.


ERGO reacts to low interest rates by reducing policyholders’ bonuses

Press release 15 December 2011

ERGO Lebensversicherung is reacting to the difficult situation currently facing the financial markets and is set to reduce total interest returns by up to 0.4 percentage points in 2012. The effective return on interest for new business will be reduced by 0.2 percentage points, and the combined terminal bonus and basic participation in the valuation reserves will fall by 0.2 percentage points. Consequently, total interest return for new tariffs will be 4.15 per cent.


ERGO presents working groups' results on company pensions and restructuring of HMI sales organisation

Press release 8 December 2011

ERGO today presented the results of the inquiry regarding the assessment of activities and sales measures concerning company pensions. The experts at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), who played a key role in this inquiry, did not conclude that systematic misconduct or an exertion of influence on the decision-makers had occurred. In addition, the company has launched a package of measures for a quality offensive in the HMI multi-level sales organisation. In January 2012 it will be renamed to include the ERGO brand name.


Statement on the Handelsblatt article on ERGO as of 21 October 2011

Press Release 21 October 2011

In today’s edition, the German newspaper ‘Handelsblatt’ conveys the impression that Victoria knowingly insured terrorists. We categorically reject these allegations.


First meeting of ERGO Customer Advisory Board

Press release 19 October 2011

On Wednesday 19 October 2011, the ERGO Customer Advisory Board has met for the first time in Düsseldorf. The panel, comprising 25 customers of the ERGO Insurance Group, will discuss services, processes and products from the customer’s viewpoint and initiate improvements in the company. They will make proposals on how to improve the range of products and services offered to customers.


D.A.S. – Legal Protection 10/2011: more transparent, more individual, better benefits

Press release 6 October 2011

The legal protection insurer D.A.S. is expanding the benefits of its new legal protection tariff from October 2011, and is also offering more flexible combinations of products. New features include products for single people, the possibility of opting out of legal protection covering employment, improvements to cover for unmarried partners and the abolition of the age limit for senior citizens. As part of the “clear language” initiative, the insurance terms have been shortened in legal information to one page.


ERGO sells Victoria Seguros

Press release 21 September 2011

The ERGO Insurance Group is selling its Portuguese subsidiaries Victoria-Seguros S.A. and Victoria-Seguros de Vida S.A. to SMABTP Group. Representatives of both companies signed a share purchase and sale agreement today.



Rolf Wiswesser appointed to ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG Board of Management

Press release 2 September 2011

The ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG Supervisory Board appointed Dr. Rolf Wiswesser to the company’s Board of Management during its meeting today. Wiswesser will be joining the Board of Management on 1 November 2011 and will be in charge of Sales. Jürgen Vetter, who is currently heading the Sales division, will be leaving the company at his own request when his tenure comes to an end on 31 December 2011.


Stefanie Held is new Chief Compliance Officer at ERGO

Press release 25 August 2011

As from 1 January 2012, ERGO Insurance Group will be establishing a new Compliance unit and has appointed Stefanie Held as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). A jurist by profession, Held will be setting up the new unit with her own team and will be responsible for the compliance organisation within ERGO Insurance Group.


ERGO product information sheet wins ‘clear language’ test

Press release 22 August 2011

Together with the German consumer magazine “Guter Rat” (“Good Advice”), the Institut für Transparenz in der Altersvorsorge GmbH (ITA), an institute aiming at transparency in old-age provision, tested the contents of several Riester pension product information sheets for clarity. According to the experts, the product information sheet from German life insurer ERGO Lebensversicherung is the easiest to understand and was voted the winner.


Storm damage – a case for the correct insurance

Press release 22 August 2011

Severe storms in north and west Germany kept fire rescue teams busy on Sunday night with lightning strikes in several places, trees felled and cellars flooded. However, it is only when the storm is over that the extent of the damage becomes visible. Gale-force winds and heavy rain can cause extensive damage to buildings, goods and vehicles. Which insurance covers the damage?


ERGO Balance Protect: Targeted assistance with traumatic events

Press release 11 August 2011

Accidents, muggings, violent crime, a serious illness or disaster – suddenly, nothing is as it was before. Dramatic experiences can give rise to unusual and unpleasant symptoms: anxiety, sleep disorders, exhaustion and depression. “Without early intervention, about a third of those affected are at higher risk of developing long-term problems”, explained Christian Diedrich, Chairman of the Board of Management of property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung. With Balance Protect, the company is offering a new type of crisis concept for companies and organisations.


ERGO investigates accusations against company pension schemes

Press release 5 August 2011

The Board of Management of the ERGO Insurance Group has decided to conduct an extensive and independent investigation into the activities and sales measures concerning its company pension schemes. The investigation will cover the following...


ERGO presents findings of investigations and measures

Press release 3 August 2011

ERGO has adopted a package of measures improving the quality of advice and strengthening compliance within the company. Independent agents will undertake, by means of a code of conduct, to comply with strict rules governing relations between the company, its sales agents and customers. Other measures aim to increase the transparency of product details and documentation and to ensure that the quality of advice continually remains high.


14,000 ERGO customers with state-subsidized Riester annuity insurance will receive additional benefits – ERGO commissions external auditor

Press release 17 June 2011

ERGO reacts to the allegation made by a daily newspaper on 8 June which stated that incorrect contracts of state-subsidized Riester annuity insurance had been detrimental to customers in Germany. The allegations evidently refer to an incorrect form used by the sales organisation HMI in the second half of 2005 among other forms. ERGO has confirmed the incident, regrets it and will ensure that all customers are financially reimbursed in line with the information printed on the form – namely receive additional benefits. A team of Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Internal Auditing units of Munich Re and ERGO are conducting extensive investigations.


ERGO company pension report sets new standards

Press release 14 June 2011

For the first time, the ERGO Insurance Group is publishing a comprehensive report on the performance of company pension schemes. With the company pension brochure, ERGO sets new benchmarks regarding the transparency of benefits. The report’s quality standards conform to strict requirements of audited annual reports.


ERGO supplements its compliance rules and strengthens compliance operations within the company

Press release 8 June 2011

At an extraordinary meeting, the Supervisory Board of ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG today discussed the HMI trip to Budapest in 2007.


ERGO Lebensversicherung distinguished by new market strategy

Press release 25 May 2011

The realignment of the German life insurers in the ERGO Insurance Group was the major feature of the 2010 financial year for the company. New business was funnelled into ERGO Lebensversicherung. Due to the restructuring of ERGO’s life insurance business in Germany, the 2010 results are not comparable with those of the previous year.


ERGO Versicherung AG: Combined ratio still well below market

Press release 19 May 2011

On publishing its annual report, ERGO Versicherung AG is able to look back on a good 2010 financial year. Gross premium income rose by 0.7% to € 2.64 (2.63) billion. This expansion was driven above all by commercial and industrial business. Despite numerous natural disasters and increased claims expenditure, ERGO was able to achieve a combined ratio (net) of 92%.


ERGO opens extension at its headquarters in Düsseldorf

Press release 17 May 2011

After three years of construction, an extension to the headquarters of the ERGO Insurance Group has been inaugurated on the Fischerstrasse in Düsseldorf. 750 employees are housed in this new building, as is one of the company’s two data centres. ERGO has thus created the conditions for an IT system compliant with future needs.


Good 2010 financial year for DKV

Press release 11 May 2011

The German health insurance company DKV looked back on a successful 2010 financial year at the press conference held to present its annual report. Premium income rose by 5.7% to € 4.8 billion. DKV expects further growth in the current financial year.


D.A.S. Legal Protection Insurance ends 2010 with high profits

Press release 4 May 2011

Premium income for D.A.S. (Germany and International) is once again above €1 billion. Legal changes to the company’s structure resulting from the new brand strategy of the ERGO Insurance Group are giving rise to large profits. Mediation will again be a focal point in 2011.


ERGO presents a successful year 2010

Press release 29 March 2011

The ERGO Insurance Group will report a successful 2010 financial year at today’s press conference. By comparison to the previous year, the consolidated result had more than doubled and stood at 355 (173) million euros. Total premium income was up 5.7 percent to 20.1 (19.0) billion euros. All business segments contributed to this very favourable result. At the same time, ERGO took advantage of the launch of its brand in the German insurance market to reposition itself with the promise “To insure is to understand”. Delivering on this promise is at the top of its agenda for 2011. The consolidated result is to be increased further.


ERGO tests its first direct-advice advertising medium

Press release 14 March 2011

From tomorrow, the ERGO Insurance Group is launching a brand new initiative aimed at entering into direct conversation with its customers and interested parties. Passers-by in Berlin will be able to make enquiries, ask questions or give feedback to an ERGO representative via live-link video.


ERGO optimises structure of ERGO Victoria sales organisation

Press release 9 March 2011

The ERGO Insurance Group is optimising the structure of ERGO Victoria, one the company’s sales organisations. The restructuring also includes personnel changes


ERGO is serious: Talking straight instead of legalese in communication with customers

Press release 1 March 2011

The ERGO Insurance Group has adopted various initiatives to put its latest service pledge “To insure is to understand” into practice.


Extreme weather on the rise in Germany

Press release 17 February 2011

Heavy rain, storms, hail and flooding are becoming more frequent occurrences –the floods caused by melting snow on the Rhine, Elbe, Moselle, Danube and in other areas at the beginning of the year are still fresh in our minds. The consequences of the Xynthia and Kyrill storm systems are also still being felt. The significance of such weather events to the insurance industry was explained during a press conference by Christian Diedrich, Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Versicherung AG, and Professor Peter Höppe, Head of Munich Re’s Geo Risks Research Department/Corporate Climate Centre.


ERGO signs joint venture agreement in China and acquires stake in an insurance company in Vietnam

Press release 14 January 2011

The ERGO Insurance Group is strengthening its presence in Asia. In China, ERGO is setting up a life insurance joint venture with a local partner, which will offer life insurance. ERGO is also acquiring a stake in a Vietnamese insurer. These two measures show how ERGO continues to pursue its international growth strategy with an emphasis on the emerging Asian markets.


New motor tariff: Highlights in own damage insurance

Press release 4 January 2011

The new motor insurance tariff from ERGO places special emphasis on customer’s needs. Whoever chooses the “KaskoPlus” package is entitled to benefits which go far beyond the normal features of an own damage insurance.


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