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ERGO is offering new modular residential buildings and legal protection

Press release 18.9.2017

ERGO Versicherung extends its consistent modular product strategy for private customers. Residential property and legal protection products are now also available in modular form. Customers can add to inexpensive basic protection item by item - right up to premium protection. Extensive services complete the offer.


DKV: Daily sickness benefits without health assessment

Press release, 12.9.2017

DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung's new insurance also gives persons with statutory cover and pre-existing conditions the opportunity to recoup loss of income if they fall ill. What's special about this policy is that DKV does not require the insured person to complete a medical assessment. If insured persons suffer from a lengthy illness they receive up to 30 Euros in daily sickness benefits.


Insurance coverage against fire and smoke in the networked house

Press release 29.8.2017

ERGO Group and Deutsche Telekom will join forces to offer digital services for private and corporate customers in future. The agreement concluded today covers the areas of the smart home and cyber security; additional activities are being planned. The partners will launch their initial services at the IFA international trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances to be held in Berlin from 1 to 6 September.


The digital underwriter for trading companies

Press release 24.7.2017

Starting now, ERGO Versicherung AG and the InsurTech Finanzchef24 are offering commercial liability insurance for small trading companies. Thanks to this new product, in-store retailers and on-line traders can insure their commercial liabilities completely on-line. A digital underwriter automatically considers all relevant risk correlations.


ERGO consolidates its innovation activities on the "Factory Berlin" start-up campus

Press release 20.7.2017

In future ERGO will expedite its innovation projects and start-up collaborations on the "Factory Berlin" start-up campus. The company has already been active in Berlin since 2013 with its Innovation Lab and start-up collaborations. ERGO is now consolidating these activities onto a single site in order to implement innovations at an even faster pace.


DKV supplementary insurance: Everything – plus naturopathy

Press release, 17.7.2017

The DKV German health insurance provider has brought a new supplementary insurance on the market. It covers all loopholes that exist for people on statutory insurance in the outpatient sector in one product and also provides benefits for naturopathy.


New ERGO immediate annuity

Press release 10.7.2017

The new ERGO immediate annuity combines a guaranteed pension right from the start - which can increase as a result of surpluses - with the option to make a number of partial withdrawals during the guaranteed annuity period. This provides security as well as flexibility for the insured person for their retirement arrangements.


ERGO delivers

Press release 1.6.2017

The ERGO Strategy Programme (ESP) is taking effect. Having launched a full-scale restructuring programme one year ago, the ERGO Group is now more efficiently structured, is investing systematically in digitalisation and strengthening its international organisational structures. Following successful completion of its Strategy Programme in 2021, ERGO intends to contribute more than 600 million euros in the long term to the annual net profit generated by its parent company, Munich Re.


ERGO dispatches “Tower on Tour”

Press release 5.4.2017

A supporting sales campaign starts today at ERGO’s headquarters in Düsseldorf. A red ERGO bus will tour through Germany in the coming weeks and visit a number of our sales partners. Two experts from ERGO’s headquarters administration will be on board. Sales partners can obtain first hand specialist information from them and discuss issues relevant to sales and Distribution.


ERGO offers new home contents and accident insurance as modules

Press release 20.3.2017

ERGO Versicherung extends uniform modular product strategy for private line business: optimised products for home contents and accident cover to be available from mid-March, to include a low-cost basic product and can be supplemented module by module – right up to premium cover. Extensive services complete the offer.


FinTech manager to become Head of Sales at ERGO Direkt

Press release 17.02.2017

Manuel Nothelfer has been appointed Head of Sales at ERGO Direkt Versicherungen with immediate effect. He will focus on developing online activities. The 37-year-old was previously Chief Marketing and Operating Officer as well as Managing Director at FinTech auxmoney; a market place for private borrowers and investors to meet in order to conduct peer-to-peer lending.


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