ERGO provides warranty and indemnity insurance

Press release 18 April 2016

German property-casualty insurer ERGO Versicherung offers a warranty and indemnity insurance for company takeovers. It safeguards buyers and sellers against possible risks arising from breaches of warranties in a sales agreement. ERGO is the first German insurer to react to the growing number of M&A transactions in Germany.

Takeovers and mergers involving German companies are on the increase, with the number of transactions rising from 1,007 in 2010 to 1,507 last year. According to experts, the trend in the sale of businesses is set to continue, for example with business succession in small and medium-sized companies. This development requires insurance solutions that have been largely unknown in Germany to date, and includes warranty and indemnity insurance that was first offered in Germany around ten years ago albeit with English contract terms.

The target group for this new product is small and medium-sized businesses, insolvency administrators and private equity funds. “We are known among SMEs as a reliable insurer based in Germany”, emphasised Christian Diedrich, responsible for property-casualty insurance on the ERGO Board of Management. “We understand our customers. That is the reason why we, as one of the first insurers, are now working in this area to provide contract texts in German and based on German law.”

Warranties are passed on from the seller to the buyer when companies transfer ownership. Warranty and indemnity insurance safeguards buyers and sellers of companies against possible risks arising from breaching a warranty contained in a sales contract. This includes, for example, liability arising from a breach of warranty related to balance sheets, industrial property rights or state subsidies. Warranty and indemnity insurance can be taken out by the buyer (own-loss cover) or the seller (property indemnity cover).

A large number of transactions in Germany are carried out by small and medium-sized companies in the industrial sector. “ERGO is well known in the commercial and industrial insurance sector, therefore we see great opportunities to successfully position this innovative product on the market”, explained Diedrich.

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