Application tips

Application tips

Convince us of your strengths

We would like to get to know you. This is why you should provide as accurate a description as possible of what characterises you and what makes you exceptional. These tips are intended to help you.

Complete and clearly presented – that’s how to make your application stand out

  • Your cover letter, CV and relevant supporting documents (professional certificates, letters of reference) let us form an initial picture of you, your strengths and your personal expectations.
  • Send your application to your contact person at ERGO.

Your cover letter should summarise the spirit and purpose of your application.

  • On one page, you should deliver cogent arguments in support of your application.
  • You should include your special skills and experience that qualify you for the position.
  • But we are also interested in your personal goals and ideas – and naturally in why you have decided you want to work for our company specifically.

Perhaps you have already been in contact with us.

  • You have thoroughly researched our company.
  • Perhaps in this connection you have already had occasion to give us a ring or visit us at one of our events.
  • If so, mention this fact. It will help us to sort your application more optimally.

Your CV in table form presents your education and professional experience in a clear manner.

  • We learn what you have done and achieved up to now.
  • You can help us by submitting a clearly structured, gapless CV that is easy to read.
  • When providing dates, please indicate the month and year at a minimum.

Related supporting documents round out your application.

  • You have achieved much already. You have the credentials to prove it – for example final transcripts, training certificates and official letters of reference or copies of your bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.
  • Of no relevance however are documents like individual course completion certificates or complete academic papers or theses.

A final, personal recommendation

  • Show us that you’re well informed about ERGO and the sphere of activity in which you are interested.
  • You will find relevant information from sources like our brochures, our website and press releases.
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