ERGO Sales

ERGO Sales

Close to the customer

Tuesday, 3:30 p.m.: Appointment with Ms Schmidt. The 35-year-old has started back to work half-days after a lengthy maternity leave and would like to finally do something about her old-age provision. “It’s about time, too”, she laughs, as she starts talking about her wishes and options. You listen, ask questions, present suitable ERGO products – and discuss them in detail with Ms Schmidt. In the end she decides on a provision solution that is perfectly tailored to her situation.

That’s a typical example of many of our customer meetings. More than 20,000 full-time and part-time sales representatives and agency owners make sure that our customers are well advised – and that they receive solutions that meet their

Sales opportunities
At ERGO there’s not just one way to enter the sales forces. You can join us as a trainee or experienced professional – and work full time or part time as a salaried employee or an independent sales agent.

No matter which sales career you choose: We make sure that you are optimally qualified. That way we can contribute to a more secure future of our customers with our exemplary insurance and provision products.

Your entry in sales

There are many ways for you to start your career with us. And to move ahead via different sales channels – with one of our strong sales agent organisations, for example. Or our specialist sales organisations.


Your qualification in sales

We all work with success in mind. That is why we set great store by your competence. We aren’t just talking here about your technical and methodological skills. Equally important to us is the development of your personal and social skills.


Your opportunities in sales

Your start at ERGO is only the beginning. You can make a lot of things happen and achieve a lot with us. Tell us what your plans are and what is important to you in terms of your career. We’ll show you the suitable career paths.