Occupational health & safety

Occupational health & safety

Benefit from our feel-good factor

Sport Your health is extremely important to us!

Accordingly, we support you with a host of offers that help you to stay fit and feel good. The focus is on exercise, nutrition, relaxation, the proper use of alcohol and tobacco and preventive healthcare.



Avail yourself of:

  • ERGO sports
    Stay in shape with aerobics, football, Nordic walking, Pilates, back training – and lots of other activities.
  • Company physician services
    Speak to our doctors about topics including preventive medical examinations, vaccinations and health checks.
  • Ergonomics and your workstation
    You receive tips and tricks for the ergonomic and optimal use of work equipment in connection with healthy behaviours.
  • Weight Watchers
    Our courses help you shed pounds and stay slim.
  • Nutritional consulting
    In a one-on-one discussion you get important tips for a healthy diet.
  • Relaxation
    Select the options that work for you – e.g. trophotropic training and fast or one-minute relaxation techniques. Or how about Qigong? Tai Chi? Feldenkrais?
  • Vocational rehabilitation
    We assist you in returning to work following a serious illness or injury.
  • Healthy leadership
    We support you as an executive employee in managing a healthy working environment for you and your co-workers.

Your health-conscious behaviour helps you stay fit while also providing a model for all colleagues in your work environment.